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" Shibuya Weekend Midnight "

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TOP: A Christmas Tree resembling a reflection on water surface brightens up the entrance of SHIBUYA MARK CITY enhancing the town with holiday mood.
LEFT: Shibuya’s largest tree 12m tall, is decorated with materials new to Japan in order to bring out the “luxury gold”
RIGHT: Can’t talk about Shibuya w/out the scramble crosswalk – Saturday evening is when the flow becomes busiest.


Shibuya has not always been a safe district to hang out at night, nevertheless the town has become lively, cheerful, glamorous, dazzling and knows no sleep today. This fashonista town busy with businessmen as well as shoppers and students during daytime, welcomes the largest people-traffic on weekend evenings. The townscape of station area – from the Hachiko Statue to the scramble crosswalk – is now known worldwide through films such as Lost In Translation, Fast & Furious 3 (Tokyo Drift) and the upcoming Babel. For the last two months of the year when more decorations and illuminations glitter here and there, the town will become even more crowded with Christmas shoppers day and night.

[Access] Shibuya Station
JR: Yamanote, Saikyo, Shonan-Shinjuku Lines Tokyu: Toyoko, Denen-Toshi Lines Keio Inokashira Line
Tokyo Metro: Ginza, Hanzomon Lines

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