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" Nihonbashi "
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Top: Nihonbashi Bridge – “The worst view of Japan”
Left: Bank of Japan – Japanese currency is issued by this bank.
Right: The Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company, Ltd. – a collaboration of old and new.

Since its construction in 1603, Nihonbashi has served as the center of people and material flow for centuries. It is also the center of Kanto Region’s major transportation where five major highways of Edo start. Today, retaining the historical influence of being the core of all flows, Nihonbashi is a major commercial neighborhood crowded with many major department stores and old-established stores of centuries of history.
At the same time, redevelopment is being carried out stirring up a new trend of modern celebrity.

The bridge itself is hidden, covered by the expressway running low above the bridge. The Japanese government is suggesting a project to remove this expressway to clean the tarnished image of being the “worst view of Japan”.

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