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" Nagatacho "
Top: The National Diet Building
Right: The National Theatre of Japan: this is where the Japanese traditional performing arts including Kabuki, Bunraku and Classical Japanese Dance are performed. Left: Supreme Court: the highest legislative authority in Japan.

Nagatacho, located in Eastern Tokyo, is the central district of Japan’s national politics containing the Diet, the Diet Library, Prime Minister’s Residence (strictly guarded and surrounded by high walls), and headquarters of prominent political parties. During the Edo Period the district was filled with residences of feudal lords, and in Meiji Period the Ministry of War was located in Nagatacho. Then, the term “Nagatacho” indicated the Ministry of War. Now, since the establishment of the National Diet Building in 1936, the reference of the term shifted to indicating national politics. Hie Shrine is known to be one of the prominent spots to view cherry blossoms.

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