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" Kerama Islands "

< VIEW > Top - the water of Kerama has a unique blue called Kerama Blue, but the water was not clear this day because of the typhoon;
Left - the ferry was stopped for days due to typhoon. Very crowded;
Right - high waves brought by the typhoon crashing against rocks.


The Kerama Islands are consisted of approximately 30 islands in various sizes and the beautiful corals where thousands of kinds of fish live underneath the Kerama Blue, emerald blue-green water which boasts one of world’s most clear water allowing one to see 50-60meters deep.

People enjoy not only diving and fishing but also beach camping, hiking among the untouched jungle where the protected species Keramajika (deer) live, and exploring uninhabited islands.

During January through March, the humpback whales swim around on the ocean, and there are whale watching cruises that take you closer to the whales. The sight of 15-meter-long, 30-ton whales swimming gracefully yet dynamically is sure to move the watchers’ hearts. Inhabited islands include, Tokashiki Island, Zamami Island, Aka Island, Geruma Island and Mae Island – just five of them, and the pictures are from Aka Island.

[Access] From Naha: Tomari Port... Ferry Zamami: 1hr30min / jet boat Queen Zamami: 45min
               Naha Airport  cessna Air Dolphin: 15min

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