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" Kagurazaka "
These pictures were taken in autumn and the colored leaves were fabulous then. Because the town is situated on many slopes, the colors appeared in stripes and the view was very beautiful. The figurine here is called Shigarakiyaki, and this one is of a raccoon, a popular animal among Japanese from long ago. Quite cute, isn’t it?

For Kagurazaka had been a significant area for feudal lords from early Japanese history, the slope was occupied with samurai houses and laypeople’s houses until the Edo Period.
Beginning in Meiji (late 19C), the neighborhood started to flourish with the first quarters in Japan, and the flamboyant air of the demimonde is drawn in many art pieces.
Although the whole of Kagurazaka burnt down to ash during WWII, the area soon revived and again became a favorite place for writers and painters.
Today, Kagurazaka welcomes men and women from all generations with the unique sentimental townscape created by the remnants of the demimonde.
Spirited Away (2001)
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