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" Hakodate vol.2 "

Former Hakodate Ward Public Hall: Built in 1910, wooden architecture in colonial style.
Statue of Takadaya Kahei: Takadaya Kahei Festival is held every late July.Ikura Bowl: "ikura" is salmon egg, and derives from the Russian term for "fish egg". Hakodate is especially famous for good ikura. Fresh, salted ikura has a little popping texture, and goes well with steaming rice.


In 1854, the year after the conclusion of US-Japan Treaty of Peace and Amity, 5 black ships led by Commodore M.C.Perry arrived in Hakodate Port as a delegate.
Hakodate has become the second port to be opened in Japan following Shimoda after the 300-year-long enclosure of the country.

You cannot talk about Hakodate history without referring to Takadaya Kahei.
He was a successful merchant in Hakodate who greatly contributed to establishing the city we see today.
His greatest contribution - greater than the numerous public projects he was involved in - is probably bringing together Russia and Japan.

For there are tons of delicious food, the city of Hakodate will never starve or bore you out.
When you visit the city, be sure to try some fresh and high-quality seafood and also Jingiskan, a Mongolian mutton barbaque.
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