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JMODE.com provides useful information to travelers coming to Japan
by introducing the beauty of Japan from mainly two perspectives
- culture and sightseeing -
as well as webpromoting Japanese industries to the world.

There are already a number of destination guides and websites handling
Japanese tourism-related topics such as the national tourist organization,
however, the information given by those sites tend to focus
on guided tours and famous tourist spots.

Such information are certainly important,
but to attract travelers to choose Japan as their destination
from among many other countries,
we believe that introducing the "inner" cultural and
spiritual aspects of Japan is as important as providing "outer" sightseeing information.

JMODE.com presents those "inner" beauty of Japan with various contents,
and will invite the visitors to new discovery and fascination.

Believing that local information is what travelers want the most once they arrive,
we will provide truly useful information such as
cheap but good taverns and restaurtants local people go to,
or leisure facilities everyone can use readily,
and assure travelers the satisfaction of choosing Japan as their travel destination.

We also attach great importance in introducing Japanese culture.
Although we say "Japanese culture" in just one word,
we think that it can be divided into two dimensions, traditional and modern.

The former is represented in Japanese Gardens, Kimono,
art and performances such as Kabuki,
and the latter is seen in the latest fashion or "Japanimation", etc.

We will pick up on these topics with unique and interesting contents,
so keep your eyes wide open!

If you have anything you want to know about or want to ask us e.g.,
"how do you write my name in kanji?",
please don't hesitate to give us an e-mail.
For questions, comments or suggestions,
write us to samurai@jmode.co.jp



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