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Film Dororo
- vol 2 -
"Dororo" and the Challenge of Japanese Films
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God of Manga Tezuka Osamu’s hidden masterpiece considered impossible to filmatize comes live to screen after four decades from its initial manga release.
Kentei year 3048, a long time ago from now, or perhaps in the far future –––
A country that can be anywhere and nowhere in this world –––

Endless wars filled the far east land for decades leaving only the dominance of chaos and devastation. Eyes, ears, mouth, arms, hands, legs, feet… warlord Daigo Kagemitsu grieving the age of endless warfare, offered 48 parts of his unborn son’s body to the monsters to seize the dark powers to rule the world of confusion. Missing almost all parts of his body, Daigo’s son Hyakkimaru born after his father’s contract with the devils looked rather like a block of flesh that could hardly be recognized as a human being.

Soon after being abandoned by his mother by Daigo’s orders, Hyakkimaru was adopted and raised by doctor Jukai. Feeling from the baby a strong desire to live, Jukai gave the baby with a manmade body and a cursed sword to guard himself from the attacking monsters.

Years later – learning from Jukai right before his last breath that Hyakkimaru will be able to get back real parts of his body by slaying the monsters, sets out on a lonely monster hunt and destiny brings him top the encounter with Dororo. A man-disguised female thief who was on her journey seeking revenge on her parents’ killer, was immediately attracted to the cursed sword implanted in Hyakkimaru’s left arm and the mysteries of his cursed body. Ally or enemy, not knowing what to become of their lives the next day, Hyakkimaru and Dororo starts to travel together on an unknown journey.

Body taken away for his father’s ambition –––––
Parents taken away for the time’s power ––––––
A vast darkness spreads ahead of the encounter of Hyakkimaru and Dororo.
(c)2007 Film "Dororo" Production Committee
Casts and Staffs

Hyakkimaru: Tsumabuki Satoshi
Dororo: Shibasaki Kou
Tahoumaru: Eita
Sabame: Sugimoto Tetta
Ojiya: Aso Kumiko
Sabame no Okugata (Sabame’s Wife): Tsuchiya Anna
Chimpira (gang): Gekidan Hitori
Yuri: Harada Mieko
Biwa Houshi: Nakamura Kazuo
Jukai: Harada Yoshio
Daigo Kagemitsu: Nakai Kiichi

Original Story: Manga Dororo by Tezuka Osamu
Producer: Hirano Takaashi
Director: Shiota Akihiko
Action Director: Ching Siutung
Script: NAKA<masa>MURA, Shiota Akihiko

Film “Dororo” Production Committee
(TBS / Universal Pictures Japan / Dentsu / MBS / Chubu Nippon Broadcasting / S.D.P / Twins Japan / Yahoo!JAPAN / WOWOW / RKB Mainichi Broadcasting / Hokkaido Broadcasting / The Asahi Shimbun Company / Tokyoto ASA Rengokai)

Screen Production: Twins Japan

(c) 2007 Film “Dororo” Production Committee
Release Information
Release Date in Japan: January 27th Saturday; nationwide; 138 minutes-long

Distribution scheduled in 20 countries and regions around the world including East Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.), India, Brazil, United States and European countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland, etc.).

Official Website (Japanese): http://www.dororo.jp/


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