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Film Dororo
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"Dororo" and the Challenge of Japanese Films
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God of Manga Tezuka Osamu’s hidden masterpiece considered impossible to filmatize comes live to screen after four decades from its initial manga release.
A Challenge to a Grand Entertainment Beyond Genres
A news of a large-scale project struck the Japanese film industry experiencing a rapid growth ever since entering the new century – the filmatization of Tezuka Osamu’s hidden masterpiece “Dororo”. Whilst the leading creators of the day fell in love with the works of the genius and giant dreaming of bringing his world to the screen, Dororo was one of the highest peaks that were viewed as a magical work impossible to filmatize.

After four decades from its first issue as a manga (comic books), the masterpiece comes to the screen not only in Japan but also across the globe. The making of the adventure action film was carried out going far beyond the common sense of Japanese filmmaking until today, gathering the top talents, spirits and nature of Asia.

The visualization of Tezuka’s extraordinarily grand worldview – only replaced to an unknown place of the world and unknown time period from the original Sengoku era (the age of civil wars) Japan – became possible by shooting the film in the vast and rich nature of South Island New Zealand. This choice of location allowed the film to prevent the work to fall into the stereotypical image of the genre of existing historical action (jidaigeki in Japanese). Every element of the location from the vast and at times harsh nature to the ethereal yet at the same time earthly phantasma the vivid colors and lights the dawn, day and evening sky shows, created a spectacular blend with the worldview and the power the story itself possesses drawing out the potentials of Dororo to the fullest extent.

(c)2007 Film "Dororo" Production Committee
Two of the young yet experienced actors and actresses were chosen to star for the powerful and appealing protagonists. Tsumabuki Satoshi playing main character Hyakkimaru and Shibasaki Kou for Dororo promise to show more than everything they have learned and gained in their acting careers, that they have never shown in any TV drama or film. Spicing up the main characters and adding rich lure to the story are prominent figures in the Japanese acting scene – Nakai Kiichi for Hyakkimaru and Dororo’s enemy Daigo Kagemitsu, Harada Mieko for Hyakkimaru’s mother, Harada Yoshio for Hyakkimaru’s foster parent Jukai followed by Eita, Sugimoto Tetta, Aso Kumiko, Tsuchiya Anna, Gekidan Hitori, Nakamura Kazuo and more.

Creating and directing the film storyline is Shiota Akihiko, an energetic film director whose talents in excellent storytelling and masterful portrayal of characters have been acquiring high reputation from the world lately. With the release of Dororo, he will blow his new talent into the brand new kind of world of film entertainment.

Another actor playing a crucial role in finishing up this work into perfection is action director Ching Siutung, most recently known for his works in HERO and LOVERS. For action scenes dominate a good portion of the film in terms of both significance in the storyline and amount, the welcoming of one of the world’s best action directors and his innovative ideas beyond imagination made possible the completion of a large-scale, speedy and thrilling film.

New Years 2007 – Japan Meets the Real Entertainment.
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