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Film Sakuran
- vol 1 -
"Sakuran" and the world of oiran
The Hottest Women Today Shake Up Japanese Films
Anno Moyoco, Tanada Yuki, Ninagawa Mika, Tsuchiya Anna, Shiina Ringo – the hottest and most talented young women in various Japanese scenes today enhance the filming of Sakuran, a stunning revolutionary of Japanese Oiran films.
Actors and Actresses
It is not only the production board that is fresh and vital – Sakuran is created by a handful of leading actors and actresses in the younger and older generation, all talented and experienced in the world of acting. Leading actresses today Kimura Yoshino and Kanno Miho add glamour and spice to the scene, joined by Shiina Kippei, Narimiya Hiroki and Ando Masanobu playing crucial roles as the beaus of the beautiful ladies. Enhancing the and adding deepness and weight to the splendid yet perhaps a bit too bright and light scenes of the younger generation are the experienced actors Ishibashi Renji, Natsuki Mari and Ichikawa Sadanji.
(c)2007 Ninagawagumi"Sakuran"Film Committee (c)Anno Moyoco/Kodansha
The collaboration of the vitality and dignity, the actors/actresses bring life and add the film-unique kind of lure to Sakuran.
Shiina Ringo’s participation in the film production had been decided just before the filming started on March 15th 2006. In the usual film making process, editing and constructing the rush is done for the following couple of months once the filming is over, and the music production starts from that point taking not much longer than a month.
Shiina Ringo
Sakuran, nevertheless, allowed Shiina Ringo to work on the music for full three months – due to Shiina’s strong request – from mid-July and is now going through the last part of inserting music into the movie, scheduled to complete in November.

The world that no one has ever yet stepped foot in –––––
The even more energetic music that no one has ever experienced, carefully designed and cleverly mixed –––––

Shiina completes the world of Sakuran with a glossy and alluring touch with her first music as SHIINA RINGO in three years.
Release Information
Unfortunately the film is only going to be released in theaters in Japan, but those who live in Japan or will be in Japan around this time, it might be fun to go see the world of Sakuran in theaters.
"Sakuran" - Saturday February 24th, 2007
In theaters across Japan including Shibuya CINE QUINTO, Shinjuku JOYCINEMA and Cine Libre Ikebukuro. Sakuran original advanced tickets now on sale.
2006/11/03   Release of special trailer with “Yume no ato” (inserted song) released in theaters
2006/12/12   Tower Records ver. advanced pair tickets release coming with special music DVD
2007/01/17   Shiina Ringo’s new single “Konoyo no kagiri” (Sakuran ending theme) release
2007/02/21   Shiina’s new album (first in nearly four years) release
2007/02/24   Film Sakuran in Theaters
Sakuran Production Board (c) 2007 Ninagawagumi Sakuran Film Committee (c) Anno Moyoco/ Kodansha
Production: Asmik Ace Entertainment / Production Cooperation: FELLAH PICTURES
Distributor: Asmik Ace

Sakuran Official Website:     www.sakuran-themovie.com
Asmik Ace Website: http://www.asmik-ace.co.jp
Shiina Ringo Official Website: http://www.kronekodow.com
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