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The top 5 names for both boys and girls written in Kanji!!
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contact date country contact person # of requested names
September 20, 2006 Australia Jack L. 6
November 8, 2006 Poland Milena A. M. 1
November 8, 2006 Poland Thomas M. Z. 1
November 21, 2006 Belgium Pierre C. 1
November 29, 2006 (unwritten) mattsam 7
December 19, 2006 (unwritten) Antonio M. 1
February 22, 2007 Austria Peter M. S. 1
February 25, 2007 (unwritten) Kim H. 1


Since the ranking of popular name in the US has been announced, I would like to show you how the top 5 name can be written in Kanji.

A governmental agency called the Social Security Administration issues
the statistics of popular names given to new-born babies every year.

Here are the top 5 names for both boys and girls written in Kanji.

boy's names
girl's names
jieikobu emirii
to have a heart of mercy and be strong as a tiger
to be given the beauty of azure
maikeru ema
to dance and flow gaily
to be given the truth
josyua madeison
a prologue to a life like a gem
to respect the truth
masyu oribia
to learn the truth
a woven beauty
iisan hannna
the one and only great man of praise
to flourish like rape blossoms

1st Jacob Emily
2nd Michael Emma
3rd Joshua Madison
4th Matthew Olivia
5th Ethan Hannah


How do you like them? Did you find your baby's name?

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