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The characters of Chama Tama

There will be more characters coming up as the story goes on.
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Chama age:17
Chama Born and raised in the Shinobi Village. Granddaughter of the Village Chief.
Her parents were killed in the past intra-village conflict.
Could be absent-minded sometimes, although fundamentally very discreet and calm.
Despite the mildness in her manners and speech, she has a strong mind and has excellent ability to read situations at times of battle. She is good at ninpoh (ninja fighting skills) using fire.
Tama age:17
Tama Chama's twin (younger) sister. Rather randy and uses rude language as compared to Chama.
However, she also has the kindness to give a hand to those in need of help, and is good at taking care of people. Good at ninpoh using water and ice.
Dorimaru age:23
Dorimaru An agent belonging to the S.S.I.A (Special Secret Investigation Agency) which his father presides as the secretary. Has outstanding skills in all sorts of budo (Japanese martial arts), and although not as strong as Chama or Tama who fight with the power of the kokoro (human heart and mind), he is a whole lot stronger than common JAPANese people.
En.G age: unknown
Shion The Village Guardian and an expert in battles who has been serving Chama and Tama's grandfather, the Village Chief for decades.
Chu-koh age: unknown
Shion ??
Shion age: unknown
Shion An ex-villager of the Shinobi Village and a childhood friend of Chama and Tama.
For an unknown reason suddenly left the Village for Tokyo, and starts to act behind the crime scenes in order to dominate the country. What had happened to him is yet to be discovered.
Secretary (Chohkan) age: unknown
Chokan Dorimaru's father and head of S.S.I.A.. A bachelor father who raised Dorimaru all by himself.
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Spirited Away (2001)
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