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" kiteflying "

Traditional Japanese style kite has bamboo frame work with rice paper. There are varieties of kites with many shapes today. Most kites have tail(s) to stabilize the balance of the kite. This helps not to turn kites upside down in the sky.

Let's not have kite flying in the city especially where electronic poles are standing. It has a danger of electrification thus make sure to contact the electronic company to take it down for you.

Kite is called "Tako" (same pronunciation as octopus in Japanese) in fact, it was only called tako in Kanto region. It was called "Ika" (squid) in Kansai region (Osaka area). The origin of kite in Japanese, of course, it looks like octopus or squid flying in the sky with those long tails.




Spirited Away (2001)
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  • Yasunari Kawabata
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  • Yukio Mishima
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