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NEW YEAR'S Writing

"Kakizome" is an event for New Year to write or draw for the first time using a traditional writing brush.

The participants write Haiku or other poetries to bring New Yearfs happiness on January 2nd therefore often called "Kitsusho Hajime" (First fortune writing) The date is traditionally set on January 2nd.

The traditional procedure of Kakizome is making black writing ink with Wakamizu (first laved water of the year) by facing Ehou (the fortunate direction of the year from Oriental Zodiac teachings) then writing poetries or Haiku.

Wakamizu is also used to prepare food for families and offerings and believed as holy water.

Originally, Kakizome was performed at imperial court and expanded to the locals in Edo period.

Those writings were burnt once they are done. It was believed that if the flare goes high, their written skills promised to be improved.

Every year on January 5th, it is broadcasted nationwide about 4000 people gather for Kakizome as one of the calligraphy enterprises hosted at Nihon Budo-kan in Tokyo by Nihon Budo-kan Foundation.

This became one of New Yearfs traditions in Japan




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