February 10, 2006

The Omotesando Hills

In the rich and high-class neighborhood of Omotesando where a number of luxurious boutiques attract madams and moussiers, a new landmark "Omotesando Hills" will celebrate its grand opening tomorrow (Feb 11).

Alongside of Ginza, Omotesando is now a very popular place for worldly famous luxurious brands, and I hear that the land price here for 3.3*3.3 square meters is 200 million yen (approx. 1.7mil USD, 1.4 mil EUR). (Although, no one really sells it so it has high scarcity value.)

Ooh, they can't fail this business at such a place.

Omotesando becomes a "pedestrian paradise" (no car traffic allowed) on weekends and there are really tons of really nice stylish shops, so I recommend you to pay a visit when you come by to Tokyo :) (English Site)



February 08, 2006


I wonder if "gougai" papers exist anywhere else than Japan. "Gougai" is a free newspaper which literally means "extra editon", and here in Japan they distribute "gougai" papers on the streets when some biiiiiig news come out. The most recent one was on the arrest of Takafumi Horie, the chief executive of the Internet startup Livedoor and also the "Hero" of Japanese venture companies, a couple of weeks ago.

The publishing of "gougai" means that the mass has strong interest in that issue, but there was another one coming out just yesterday.

Of course it's in Japanese, but the title is "Princess Kiko Expecting a Baby".

If Princess Kiko, the wife of the Imperial Family's second son, gives birth to a boy, it will mean that he will be third in line to the throne following his father Prince Akishino, and is highly likely to become the Japanese Emperor some day.

I don't know how many Japanese laypeople care so much about the Imperial Family, but a news like this does gather some attention.

I guess the submission and enactment of the bill to revise Imperial House Law to admit female emperess is going to be postponed.

February 07, 2006

"Go through hardships even by buying one"

February in Japan is the coldest time of year. I understand that, but even then yesterday was really freezing.
The scenery I saw from the commutor train this morning was just snow, snow, snow...
But they say that the highs will go up to as high as 16C, which is pretty much the same as early April. What am I supposed to wear on a day like this?

The blossoming of cherry flowers is so important for Japanese people that there are even specialists of "cherry blossoming forecast" in the Met Office, but when the weather is so uncertain the cherry blossoms may get confused when to bloom.

One of the cherry blossom forecaster said some time ago, that as soon as the first cherry blossoms fall the next ones start to get ready to bloom, and therefore cherry blossoms are always standing by to bloom.
But he also mentioned that the blossoms don't bloom unless they overcome cold and austere winter.
In Japan we say, "Go through hardships even by buying one", but I guess it means no flowers bloom without any suffering.

February 06, 2006

Get all warmed up with a piece of cloth !!

This winter has been so much colder than the past few winters. I heard it's because of the cold wave coming from Russia. It snowed pretty heavily in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago
(I mean, fairly heavy for Tokyo) and the weather forecast says that it may snow this evening, too.
As I was thinking about the cold air here, I received an e-mail from Finland. He says the temperature is -18C (just about 0F, I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong) over there! It barely goes below freezing here... Gee, I can't complain about it!

Japanese people in the old days had this custom called "kanpu masatsu" - to get his top off and rub bare skin with a dry strip of cloth - to warm up the body. I can't really recommend it to those who have sensitive skin, but it does help your blood circulation, so just give it a try on a cold day.

November 29, 2005

Winter night is born from love

Beginning in Shinjuku
Illumination has just lighten up

I grabbed my camera to take some photographs
Yet, I was not welcomed there
Because I was there alone…

Woman looking up with excitement while his arm is around her

Nights in Tokyo is romantically colored

This illumination will go on during winter


Although stars are often hidden above Tokyo
Stars in the city are warmly shining
To bright our mind
For sure…


November 24, 2005

"An earthquake, thunder, fire, and a father"

It is ancient-times language of Japan.
It is the language which arranged the fearful thing in order in Japan, and is "wise fear begets care" said in English.

Although the latest father is less fearful, an earthquake is the most dreadful for a Japanese too.
In the building in Japan, the device has been carried out from ancient times to an earthquake. For this reason, are earthquake-proof criteria the least severe also in the world?

Forging the earthquake-proof criteria was revealed.
It seems that the apartment house where the still made [ just ] appearance is splendid is pulled down.
Although it is the dishonest act performed in order to make a cheap apartment house, it is the surprising act which looked at people's life lightly.

There is no telling when it comes since an earthquake is a natural disaster.
So, inattention does not become a preparation for it.

Even so, it also worries very much that the authority of the "father" fell as me ...

A new building is built in Tokyo today also ...

November 22, 2005

The family line which has continued for 2665 years is in Japan.

It is an emperor house.

Even 125 generation of the present emperors continue from Emperor Jimmu.

Each one of the intellectual who says the tradition in the world is going to change.
It is admission of a "female emperor."

Also in the past, the "female emperor" existed.
However, the persons do not get married and a child is not.
For this reason, Emperor Jimmu will be reached if the father is followed.
It is what is called a man system principle.

The fact of a country called Japan over which it reigned at the origin of the emperor house is heavy for 2665 years.

Although sexual equality and democracy are also good, should not an emperor house determine the thing of an emperor house?

This photograph is "NIJYUUBASHI" of the Imperial Palace.

November 21, 2005

The cold war of Japan and Russia.

Russian President Putin arrived in Haneda Airport with the special-purpose machine on the 20th.

President Putin's visit to Japan will be for the first time in [ about five years ] since September, 2000.

It goes back, after conferring in Prime Minister Koizumi and the Prime Minister's official residence today and having an interview with His Majesty the Emperor on the 22nd.
At a summit meeting, economic assistance of others, an energy problem, promotion of a sightseeing alternating current, etc. of the Northern Territories issue, the nucleus problem of North Korea, international terrorism, a criminal measure, etc. are expected to be discussed.

At the Northern Territories issue, the Russia side is stiffening the attitude against the background of good domestic economy in crude-oil quantity etc.
For this reason, in prior negotiation, a contact could not be found out and agreement which summarizes a joint statement including a territorial problem was not completed.
At a summit meeting, it becomes a focus whether the clue which leads to future negotiation can be found out.
On the other hand, at a talk, Japan signs ten or more consensus documents, such as support of Japan to a retirement-from-service Russia atomic submarine demolition business, and affiliation promotion to the "WTO" of Russia.

There is no relation with China in the back of the bold diplomacy of this Russia also until it says.
It is not related although I will break down with Japan on the problem of northern territories even if.
A new customer's China is in Russia.

However, as a Japan side, it is serious.
It is said that the average age of the former inhabitant of northern territories is 76 years old ...
Resources are also precious as world 3 major fisheries.

It is said that this time, opinions are due 100 or more Russia business leaders accompany the president, and to be exchanged among Japanese enterprises about the investment expansion to Russia, maintenance of business environment, etc. on the 21st.
Probably, there is a clue to the solution of the problem which Japan and Russia have here.
"connection by business" -- if this becomes a thaw of a cold war is just wished.


November 18, 2005

About a Japanese feeling of "happiness"

The result of the homemaker of the city life of 30 years-old cost came out of the most fortunate Japanese.
Simultaneously, the result of thinking that he is unhappy as a senior citizen also came out.

It is the questionnaire Japanese college professors conducted the questionnaire survey for 6000 people of the whole country, and the "feeling of happiness" which Japanese people consider emerged by having investigated and evaluated the concept of "happiness."

A woman feels happiness rather than a male and the younger age group feels happiness rather than the advanced age layer.
However, the result that it was not necessarily proportional came out of the height and happiness of income.

This is the very new research findings which evaluated the ambiguous concept of "happiness" from an economic and sociological viewpoint.
"The most fortunate person statue in Japan" was made to emerge based on investigation data, and the talk of "if some data can be efficiently employed also in the policy which pursues national happiness" has also come out.
Investigation is conducted for 6000 from February, last year to 20 to 65 years old of the whole country chosen at random.
There was a reply from about 4200 people (70.4%) by the way of visiting, and distributing and collecting questionnaires.
By the questionnaire, about the feeling of happiness, it made "to be very happy" into ten points, made "to be very unhappy" into zero point, and the "degree of happiness" whether you thought what point you become was asked.

As a result, five points are 25% most mostly.
then, seven points were 20%, eight points were in no less than ten points 5.5% 18%, and it turned out that there are many people who consider happiness as the whole.
On the other hand, four or less points were only 13%.

When this result was analyzed covering about 30 items, by sex distinction, there were many people to whom the average of the female "degree of happiness" considers the male that female persons are more fortunate according to 6.27 points to 6.51 points.
Although his 30's (6.6 averages) were the highest and then his twenties (6.4 points) continued according to age, it became misfortune with aging after the 40th generation, and it fell in 6.2 points in his 60's.
It is said that this result is a reverse phenomenon compared with the investigation which the overseas university conducted.
In the United States, Britain, and Germany, the result that the degree of happiness of 30 years-old cost is increasing with aging at the lowest has come out, and it can be said that the tendency of the sweet Japan society severe to a senior citizen was expressed to the young man.

At according to occupation, they are order, such as student (6.9) ▽ management (6.8) ▽ expertise job (6.7) ▽ clerical work (6.5) -.
Although the housewife was also high, the difference widened by the homemaker (6.7) and the part time housewife (6.1).
The numeric value was going up by school career so that it became high school career, but compared with a university liberal arts graduate (6.9), a university science graduate (6.8) is slightly low, and almost the same as a junior college graduate contractor.
Although there were few measurement sizes, the difference of 1.4 points came out in the elementary school & junior high school graduate (5.7) and the graduate school graduate (7.1).
On the other hand, the degree of happiness rose as income went up the yearly income of 15 million yen, if income (household whole) was revolved, and when it changed to 17 million yen or more, the ironical result of falling conversely also came out.
It went up, so that it became large-scale cities, such as a government ordinance city, especially the degree of happiness around the outskirts of Osaka and Tokyo was high in the inhabitable area.
This is expected for the way of urban areas to serve [ in addition to there being many high income persons ] as a backdrop as for convenience etc.

In Norway, it is said that there is also a report that the degree of happiness in urban areas and the country does not change.

Moreover, although people's way had the high degree of happiness in a nonsmoker, the smokers who do a nonsmoker and gambling, and those who do not do, when compared from the drinking custom, there was no great difference.
The result that those who are not worried were higher also came out in people with piety, those who are not and to whom others' standard of living worries a certain man's way, and those who are not worried.

The professor is saying, "Are each man and investigating such a subjective feeling of happiness and taking in in economics however. Doesn't a paper economic theory bring close by real society, as for with what "happiness" is considered?"

if it thinks paradoxically from this result, am I in the younger age group who lives in a city happiness?

The capital, Tokyo which are the best cities in Japan.

Are you happiness now?

November 17, 2005

A thought of a victim is common to the world.

The girl for elementary school one year of Nara-shi becomes one year from the case by which kidnapping murder was carried out in the middle of coming back from school in today.
On the spot, the local man offered the folded paper crane and prayed for the girl's bliss.
Also just now, many flowers are offered on the dead body discovery site in Nara-ken Heguri-cho for one year.
Local people offered the folded paper crane of 10,000 or more birds, and prayed for the girl's bliss this morning.
The person who had offered the flower on the spot was talking like this.
"When such cases must not set as 2 times and it could not be made to weather so that there may be nothing, it came for visit to a temple."
"Since a grandchild was in inside, I was allowed to worship in the heart."

At the elementary school along which the girl passed, group going to school which started after the case still continues.
A principal "no matter what punishment the crime which the defendant committed may have, it cannot finish atoning for it.
While touching children every day, the comment of strengthening this thought" is sent.
The security camera was installed in the school zone from today by cooperation of a security company.
It is said that it is "the capital punishment heavier than a death penalty which a victim's parents desire."

I think that all the feelings by the side of a victim that cannot be carried through will have appeared in the language "capital punishment heavier than a death penalty."
An always weak thing is aimed at and the chain of sadness continues.

I cannot but feel deep sadness.

November 16, 2005

A Japanese sense of crisis

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will talk together in U.S. President Bush and the Kyoto Guest House on the morning of the 16th.
Both leaders discuss U.S. Armed Forces in Japan reorganization, the Iraq dispatch extension of the Self-Defense Forces, the resumption of import of American beef, etc. while reconfirming the importance of a Japan-U.S. alliance.
In "U.S., the prime minister is the most important ally for Japan to a press corps in the Prime Minister's official residence on the afternoon of the 15th.
It was said that I wanted to carry out a frank exchange of idea from the view of the Japan-U.S. alliance in the world."
It is the problem of beef too that our Japanese cousins are worrisome here.
Early safe beef considers that I am also good in the ability to eat at a low price.
Of course, the problem of the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan and the problem of the Self-Defense Forces are also important.
however, the people of a large majority of Japan -- one's "appetite" -- getting it blocked -- the familiar problem of an interest is higher.
Although since this is a Japanese may not be related, since Japan is peace may have been made into a reason.
Japan which got used too much peacefully.
We may need to rebrace ourselves about here.

November 14, 2005

Does Japan get used with a country promoting tourism as a major industry?

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi told about the measure towards a country promoting tourism as a major industry on the morning of the 13th.

Prime Minister Koizumi said, "Was the volition which tackles sightseeing until now lacking for a while? Japan needs the effort which travels more and has many pleasant places and I let you the man in the world understand for it", and the need of strengthening sightseeing advertisement was emphasized.

The prime minister stayed at the Yufuin hot spring in Oita Prefecture on the 12th.
And the prime minister talked like this about it.
"Why do many people come to such a distant place like this?"
"If it tries hard this much not only the right and wrong of mere transportation facilities but even place [ inconvenient ], many people will come there."
"I want other tourist resorts to follow example of such things."

I also think that I am right.
It is also one which we "" aim at.
I want to send the contents "Japan" to the world.

We consider that a plan can distribute such things variously from now on.
This photograph is Mt. Fuji which is a mountain representing Japan.
A photograph is taken on Saturday the day before yesterday.
I would like you to come to see a genuine article by all means.

November 11, 2005

Which shall Japanese people prize between a rule and morals?

The driver of the 30 years-old cost of TOBU RAILWAY is the eldest son (3 years old). For about 4 minutes, in the company, a total of an e-mail or about 430 telephones against which a protest will be made by on the evening of the 10th saying, "Disposal is too severe" etc. succeeded one another to the company having decided disciplinary dismissal for putting into a driver's cabin and crewing.

The company supposes "The policy of dismissal is not changed by a serious breach of the rules."

According to TOBU RAILWAY, after this problem is reported on the same day, about 240 e-mails,
About 190 telephones are brought near and it is said that most was the opinion which asks for cancellation of dismissal, such as "whether its dismissal is too severe although the thing which needs a difference is known", and "a child growing, and it being shocked if it gets to know that the father lost the job for himself."

The Japanese who respects social status, a tradition, a rule, etc.
To be sure, it is stoic and beautiful ...
However, only they are not Japanese all .
It will also be such Japanese's tenderness, and manifestation of a sense of ethics that the lecture poured in punishment of this railroad company this time.
What was it thought of you?

This photograph is not related to the train of an article at all.
It is JR Yamanote Line which was running Yoyogi in Tokyo today.

November 10, 2005

Japanese warming ? first snow of the season was late.

First snow of the season was observed in the northern part of Japan, and Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido on the morning of the 9th.
According to the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatories, it is a warm winter tendency until now, and it will be 13 days later than an ordinary year, and will be 14 days later this year than last year.
It is said that a sight in which the people of commutation and attending school warmly dressed in the coat walk at a brisk pace in snow was caught in the city core.
First snow of the season is overdue as long as two weeks, and the red leaves in Tokyo are not best time to see still more, either.
It is in a warm winter tendency clearly this year.
Japan is a wonderful country.
Although it is a country of such a small area, it is the difference of temperature which the country differed from in north and the south.
Although it snowed in Hokkaido, if it goes to Okinawa, it can still swim in the last-minute sea.
Various seasons can be enjoyed in one country.
However, since cherry blossoms and red leaves have a time thing, a warm winter like this year also affects the traveler from overseas.
Now, if the direction which is going to come to Tokyo is delayed to a slight degree, it may come at the time when red leaves are beautiful.

_319.jpg _322.jpg
This photograph is today's Tokyo Yoyogi.
Green remains in some places and red leaves have not been carried out completely yet.

November 09, 2005

The foundations of SHOGI "MOTTAINAI"?

The pro entrance examination for transfer students to Mr. Akishi Segawa who is a 35-year-old office worker was done by the amateur outstanding player of SHOGI the other day, the match with a professional was defeated, and it was passing.
It is a principle that the professional go player of the Japanese SHOGI Association passes through the encouragement meeting of a cultivation organization.
As for Mr. Segawa, origin was the encouragement member.
Although it went up to three front steps by pro one step, it seceded from a society at the age of [ of the age limit ] 26.
Then, the percentage of victories which exceeds 70 percent was mentioned temporarily by the pro go tournament which participated specially, and the petition which will ask for entering pro in February, this year was submitted to this league.
It was accepted and the match was carried out.
Mr. Segawa said, "He is as glad as it finishes at last and cannot say in the language which has felt relieved."

Originally, it has a concept which is not in chess etc. in SHOGI.
It is a system which can reuse the piece of the enemy who took as its piece.
This is considered in Japan to be an epoch-making concept, if it sees globally usually but.
Isn't the concept of [ in me ] the country where this is [ of Japan ] small, therefore produced "MOTTAINAI" (it is wasteful) for considering because it has rooted strongly?
And it was able to fulfill the dream of entering [ which Mr. Segawa is also the favor of the concept of the "MOTTAINAI", and he was not able to achieve ] pro.
Even if it loses the challenge to a dream once, it can return, if the capacity is regarded as the world being wasteful.