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I wonder if "gougai" papers exist anywhere else than Japan. "Gougai" is a free newspaper which literally means "extra editon", and here in Japan they distribute "gougai" papers on the streets when some biiiiiig news come out. The most recent one was on the arrest of Takafumi Horie, the chief executive of the Internet startup Livedoor and also the "Hero" of Japanese venture companies, a couple of weeks ago.

The publishing of "gougai" means that the mass has strong interest in that issue, but there was another one coming out just yesterday.


Of course it's in Japanese, but the title is "Princess Kiko Expecting a Baby".

If Princess Kiko, the wife of the Imperial Family's second son, gives birth to a boy, it will mean that he will be third in line to the throne following his father Prince Akishino, and is highly likely to become the Japanese Emperor some day.

I don't know how many Japanese laypeople care so much about the Imperial Family, but a news like this does gather some attention.

I guess the submission and enactment of the bill to revise Imperial House Law to admit female emperess is going to be postponed.


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