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"Go through hardships even by buying one"

February in Japan is the coldest time of year. I understand that, but even then yesterday was really freezing.
The scenery I saw from the commutor train this morning was just snow, snow, snow...
But they say that the highs will go up to as high as 16C, which is pretty much the same as early April. What am I supposed to wear on a day like this?

The blossoming of cherry flowers is so important for Japanese people that there are even specialists of "cherry blossoming forecast" in the Met Office, but when the weather is so uncertain the cherry blossoms may get confused when to bloom.

One of the cherry blossom forecaster said some time ago, that as soon as the first cherry blossoms fall the next ones start to get ready to bloom, and therefore cherry blossoms are always standing by to bloom.
But he also mentioned that the blossoms don't bloom unless they overcome cold and austere winter.
In Japan we say, "Go through hardships even by buying one", but I guess it means no flowers bloom without any suffering.


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