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Get all warmed up with a piece of cloth !!

This winter has been so much colder than the past few winters. I heard it's because of the cold wave coming from Russia. It snowed pretty heavily in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago
(I mean, fairly heavy for Tokyo) and the weather forecast says that it may snow this evening, too.
As I was thinking about the cold air here, I received an e-mail from Finland. He says the temperature is -18C (just about 0F, I believe? Correct me if I'm wrong) over there! It barely goes below freezing here... Gee, I can't complain about it!

Japanese people in the old days had this custom called "kanpu masatsu" - to get his top off and rub bare skin with a dry strip of cloth - to warm up the body. I can't really recommend it to those who have sensitive skin, but it does help your blood circulation, so just give it a try on a cold day.


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