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The cold war of Japan and Russia.

Russian President Putin arrived in Haneda Airport with the special-purpose machine on the 20th.

President Putin's visit to Japan will be for the first time in [ about five years ] since September, 2000.

It goes back, after conferring in Prime Minister Koizumi and the Prime Minister's official residence today and having an interview with His Majesty the Emperor on the 22nd.
At a summit meeting, economic assistance of others, an energy problem, promotion of a sightseeing alternating current, etc. of the Northern Territories issue, the nucleus problem of North Korea, international terrorism, a criminal measure, etc. are expected to be discussed.

At the Northern Territories issue, the Russia side is stiffening the attitude against the background of good domestic economy in crude-oil quantity etc.
For this reason, in prior negotiation, a contact could not be found out and agreement which summarizes a joint statement including a territorial problem was not completed.
At a summit meeting, it becomes a focus whether the clue which leads to future negotiation can be found out.
On the other hand, at a talk, Japan signs ten or more consensus documents, such as support of Japan to a retirement-from-service Russia atomic submarine demolition business, and affiliation promotion to the "WTO" of Russia.

There is no relation with China in the back of the bold diplomacy of this Russia also until it says.
It is not related although I will break down with Japan on the problem of northern territories even if.
A new customer's China is in Russia.

However, as a Japan side, it is serious.
It is said that the average age of the former inhabitant of northern territories is 76 years old ...
Resources are also precious as world 3 major fisheries.

It is said that this time, opinions are due 100 or more Russia business leaders accompany the president, and to be exchanged among Japanese enterprises about the investment expansion to Russia, maintenance of business environment, etc. on the 21st.
Probably, there is a clue to the solution of the problem which Japan and Russia have here.
"connection by business" -- if this becomes a thaw of a cold war is just wished.



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