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"An earthquake, thunder, fire, and a father"

It is ancient-times language of Japan.
It is the language which arranged the fearful thing in order in Japan, and is "wise fear begets care" said in English.

Although the latest father is less fearful, an earthquake is the most dreadful for a Japanese too.
In the building in Japan, the device has been carried out from ancient times to an earthquake. For this reason, are earthquake-proof criteria the least severe also in the world?

Forging the earthquake-proof criteria was revealed.
It seems that the apartment house where the still made [ just ] appearance is splendid is pulled down.
Although it is the dishonest act performed in order to make a cheap apartment house, it is the surprising act which looked at people's life lightly.

There is no telling when it comes since an earthquake is a natural disaster.
So, inattention does not become a preparation for it.

Even so, it also worries very much that the authority of the "father" fell as me ...

A new building is built in Tokyo today also ...


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