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Yamanashi Prefecture
Sakura Spots April - May

■Lake Kawaguchiko | Kawaguchiko Town
A number of cherry trees surround Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji Five Lakes The view seen from Ubugayasaki is especially marvelous, with the cherry trees in the front and Mt. Fuji in the back. At the time of full blossoming of the cherry trees, the great mountain is still covered in snow. Kawaguchiko is one of the few places where you can get the elegant view of white and pink contrast.

■Kanazakura Shrine | Kofu City
Kanazakura Shrine is a famous God for medicine, and is a shrine with beautiful cherry blossoms located about 2 kilometers northeast of Kofu City. On top of the Someiyoshino trees there are also Ukonzakura blossoms which put on rare cherry blossoms in yellow.

Prefectural Guide
Kofu basin


Kofu is in the middle of a ranch completely surrounded by mountains, and is a city that has developed as the center of Yamanashi’s culture and economy.

Take a short trip from the city to the nearby mountain Kinpohsan, the origin of Arakawa River and a part of the Chichibu mountain range, and the rich nature will welcome you with fresh green in the springtime, autumn leaves in fall and the grand landscape of Shohsenkyo. It is also a rare type of city where hot springs well up in the center of the city.

You can reach Kofu in about 1.5hours from the Metropolitan area.

The grapes from Katsunuma are famous across the country, and the place is famous for being the first production district of wine in Japan. Other than grapes, various kinds of fruits grow throughout the year such as peaches, apricots, strawberries and persimmon.
The district is also rich in hot springs, with Ishiwa-Onsenkyo where abundant water spring from grape yards, and Shioyama-Onsenkyo which is in historical remembrance of the Takeda Family.

Kawaguchiko Lake

Four kinds of springs (Tensui-no-yu, Reisui-no-yu, Fuyo-no-yu, Reihou-no-yu) well up in Kawaguchiko, and along the shores there are many hotels with outdoor baths that overlook the lake and Mount Fuji.

You can have a relaxing time bathing in the water with Mount Fuji’s grace, and appreciate the mountain with different faces accordingly to the season – cherry blossoms in spring, the evening lamplight of the mountain lodges in summer, autumn leaves and thin snow in fall, and the mountain covered with thick snow in the winter.


Yamanakako Lake

Yamanakako area is renowned as a high-quality resort area with many elegant resort hotels and summer houses, where people can spend a leisurely time outdoors.
The big boom of summer resort houses have settled down, and now the area is quiet and calming to spend some time.

Oshino Area

The Oshino-Hakkai, Mount Fuji’s foot water, has such clear water that it is selected as one of the 100 clear waters of Japan. You can also have a magnificent view of Mount Fuji from here.

Nonetheless, the splendor of Oshino is not only the nature. There are ruins and customs which silently tell you the history and lifestyle of the villagers, and a number of tangible and intangible cultural assets are preserved.

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