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Wakayama Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

■Kizekkyo | Tanabe City
Kizekkyo is a valley designated as a prefectural natural park, and is located about 8 kilometers upstream of Aizu River flowing into Tanabe Bay. In April 2,800 trees in 5 kinds cover up the mountain surface. The scene is so beautiful that you almost forget time.

■Wakayama Castle | Wakayama City
Wakayama Castle was built by Toyotomi Hidenaga in the order of his brother Toyotomi Hideyoshi when he obtained Kishu (today Wakayama). The castle tower made of three layers of white chalk looks out over Kii aqueduct and the castle park provides a place of relaxation and recreation for local people. At night the paper lantern light brings out the elegant beauty of cherry flowers blossoming by the castle moat.

Prefectural Guide

wakayama castle


The major places of visit in Wakayama cover Wakayama Castle, Kimiidera Temple. Kada-Awashima Shrine, and Wakaura which is read in an ancient poem.
You can also enjoy activities in Porto Europa, sea-fishing park, beaches and other resort spots as well as tasting excellent seafood by the water.
Wakayama ramen, which many ramen stores compete in their taste is famous nationwide.


Koyasan, a Buddhist mountain opened 1,200 years ago by the monk Koubou-daishi, has been registered World Heritage in 2004. Many historical sites such as Konbobuji still remain, and the mountain receives many visitors from all over Japan throughout the year.

Goma-dofu (tofu with sesame) is famous here and some of the guesthouses offer vegetarian (Buddhist) dishes using this goma-dofu.


This area is the major resort spot in Wakayama.
The highlights cover Adventure World, Energy Land, Sandanpeki Cave (three-leveled wall) and Senjojiki (thousand layers of bedrocks).
After experiencing the excitement of these sites, go have a bath at the Ryujin-Onsen, one of the Three Major Hot Springs of Japan.

There is also Tenjinzaki, the cape area with various kinds of creatures that became the origin of National Trust movement.
Nachi Katsuura Nachi Falls

Here, the grand nature and historical sites including Nachi Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Japan, next to it Nachi-Taisha, one of the Kumano Sanzan (Three Kumano Mountains (=Shrines)), and Seigantoji, the first pilgrimage temple of the 33 temples of the western countries invite you to experience the ancient and spiritual atmosphere the area has created over more than one thousand years.

In the Katsuura Hot Spring area, you can have delicious tuna and take a bath in the hot springs.
Also in Taiji, the town of whales, there is the Kujirahama Park where the museums provide you with information regarding whales.
In some of the nearby stores you can even try some whale dishes which have now become very rare and precious.

Kumano-Hongu-Taisha, the head shrine of Kumano Sanzan is located in this town.
From the ancient days, the Kumano Sanzan was the center of the people’s worship and Kumano Kodo, the historical pilgrimage route which goes around the peninsula, has now become a World Heritage.

Three different kinds of hot springs surround Hongu, which are Yunomine-Onsen, Kawayu-Onsen and Watarase-Onsen.
There are many hot springs which you can just stop by on a day trip. After walking through the pilgrimage route, a bath in one of the hot spring will surely take away your fatigue.
Annual Events
Nachi Fire Festival | Tanabe Festival | Mt.Koya Mantou-kuyo
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