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Toyama Prefecture
Upcoming Events April
4/6-8 53rd All Japan Chindon Contest
The All Japan Chindon Contest started in 1950 as a postwar society rebuilding event. Ever since the event has been taking place annually counting its 53rd holding this year. “Chindonman(men)”, who are traditional advertisers...
Sakura Spots April

■Matsukawa Riverbanks | Toyama City
A beautiful range of cherry blossoms line up along the waters of Matsukawa River cutting flowing on the northern side of the ruins of Toyama Castle. As well as enjoying the blossoms walking along the promenade by the river covered with cherry petals, you can also enjoy the boat ride going around the seven bridges spanning the river.

■Takaoka Kojo Park | Takaoka City
Takaoka Kojo Park is a park built on the castle ruins of Takaoka Castle located in the center of the city. The park had been open to the public in 1875 responding to the townspeople’s request to open up the park. Of about 3,000 cherry trees in the park, approximately 10% are Koshinohiganzakura trees.

Prefectural Guide


The surrounding area of Toyama station is a great place to spend some time with various eat-outs, department stores, fashion-related shops, city hotels and cultural facilities standing side by side.
Besides the “modern” aspects of the city, this area Yatsuo is a place where old traditions such as washi (rice paper) paper craft, Owarakaze-no-bon (bon: an autumn dance that welcomes and sends off the spirit of the dead that comes back to this world once a year), and Yatsuo-Hikiyama (portable shrines on wheels) are still alive. Suwa-dori, a retro stone-paved street with latticed-door houses, is another popular place among visitors.


Kurobe is rather famous for its huge dam, but the area is also known as a place of clear spring which comes from the abundant flow of Kurobe River coming down from the 3,000-meter-high Northern Alps.

Many mountain lovers come to hike and trek the Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route, a 25-kilometer-long straight hiking course, but the trolley service allows non-hikers to experience the beautiful nature as well.


Unazuki is one of the major hot-spring tourist spots in Hokuriku region, and is crowded with people throughout the year.
The town has the Unazuki-Onsen ski resort on the back and nearly half of the ryokans (Japanese-style hotels) look onto Kurobe River. After exploring the town, you can take a rest at the free foot-bath. The area is best to visit around October when the valley colors itself with marvelous autumn leaves.


Namerikawa / Uozu

Facing Toyama Bay, Namerikawa and Uozu are known as a seaside spot where couples and families can enjoy. There are many unique facilities and institutions where you can feel the mystery and glamour of Toyama such as mirage, a 10,000-year-old forest buried under water and firefly squids.


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