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Tottori Prefecture
Sakura Spots April

â– Minatoyama Park | Yonago City
The Japanese Garden, Sakura Garden, Observatory hill, Jiyu-hiroba, and ruins of Yonagojo Castle create a vast relaxation and recreation park for all generations. Sakura Garden literally is a famous spot for cherry blossoms. The trees put on pretty white-pink blossoms which make the park look like it has got pink haze.

â– Utsubuki Park | Kurayoshi City
Utsubuki Park was made in 1904 at the foot of 204-meter-high Mt. Utsubuki. Even though it is placed right next to the urban zone, the park is covered with wildwood of tabu and sudajii. In spring 4,000 Someiyoshino and Higanzakura cherry trees puts on gorgeous blossoms and attract many viewers. From early April to mid May the Kurayoshi Festival is held where you can see humorous performances of the well-known hanasaka-jiisan.

Prefectural Guide
Tottori Desert


Many grand-scale sceneries await you in the old castle town of Tottori, such as Tottori Desert, the largest desert in Japan, and Hakuto Coastline which is the stage for the renowned Japanese myth Inaba no shiro usagi (The White Rabbit of Inaba).

A ride on the local bus that takes you to the major sightseeing spots of the city allows you to spend plenty of time in each location.

The most popular spot of Iwami is probably Uradome Coastline which gives you a grand view of Japan Sea.
The islands scattering around the sophisticated rias coastline, are designated as one of the 100 beautiful shores of Japan and attracts many people during summer.

A trip to Iwami shall give you the sense of relaxing and easy lifestyle of Japanese people in the old days.


Misasa Onsen resort is one of the best radium springs in the world and has been a popular place among the men of letters from a long time ago.

In the waters of Mitokukawa, a river and waterscape selected as one of the 100 Best Sounds of Japan, live Kajika frogs, and the sounds they make fascinate many visitors to the hot spring.

The 1729-meter-high Mount Daisen and Masumizu Heights spreading out at its foot are one of the most prominent leisure spots in Sanin region.
Visitors enjoy a drive in the spring and summer, colored leaves in autumn and skiing in winter.

A variety of restaurants, field athletic courses and memorial halls are in this town, and the largest site of Yayoi village Mukibanda Ruins is also nearby.

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