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Tochigi Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

■Kuroiso Park | Kuroiso City
Kuroiso Park has been known as a great spot to view cherry blossoms since the old days, and is situated to the north of Kuroiso Station, by Naka River. In the city, there is Itamuro Hot Springs, Okunasu Kokumin no Mori, Mitokoya Hot Springs and other resorts. Also, since the Imperial villa is placed in Shin-Nasu, the entire area has a quiet and neat atmosphere.

■Ohirayama Prefectural Natural Park | Tochigi City
Ohirayama Park is registered as one of the ten best viewing spots of Kanto region and is 343 meters high. From here you can look out over Kanto Plain and even see as far as Mt. Fuji. Especially the view from Kenshindaira near the top is so beautiful that it has a nickname of “Matsushima of the land”. For about 4 kilometers to the top, you can enjoy a hike through a tunnel of cherry blossoms.

■Hachimanyama Park | Utsunomiya City
Hachimanyama Park, a popular holiday spot for local people, is a park placed on the north of Futaarayama Shrine on the hills of Hachimanyama. The garden inside this large park has 600 cherry trees and 2,300 roots of azalea. Besides the garden, there are a zoo, a botanical garden and sports facilities.

Foliage Spots September - October
■Lake Chuzenjiko | Nikko City
Lake Chuzenjiko is 2km long in circumference, and forests of maple, oak and beech growing as to surround the lake unveils a magnificent beauty of colored leaves in autumn. Seasonal scenery can be seen also on the western side of Mt.Nantaisan with marshes of rue. Parallel to the National Route 120 runs a promenade where you can enjoy a nature walk. There is a ranch in nearby, and various kinds of trout are stocked in the lake. The fishing season is from May 1st to Sep 15th.

■Nichishio Momiji Line | Shiobara Town
Nichishio Momiji Line is a tollway connecting Okushiobara hot springs and Ryuokyo. It is 28km long and very curvy, but the autumn leaves here have established reputation and you can drive into a world of brilliant red during autumn. The area along the road is also worth visiting in early summer, from May to June, when fresh green is at its best, and outdoor leisure such as camping and skiing can be enjoyed. At the end point Shiobara hot springs you can take away your fatigue at the stop-by hot spring bathhouses.
Prefectural Guide


Nikko Chuzenji Lake

Nikko, a city of history and culture, is a worldly famous tourist spot where travelers within and from outside the country stop by to appreciate the seasonal and spiritual beauty of the nature, and the precious cultural assets.

You will have new discoveries every time you visit the area full of lakes, swamps, waterfalls, hot springs and the gorgeous Nikko Toshogu where the first Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu is enshrined.

The central city of Tochigi Prefecture, Utsunomiya is a city of history and nature.
Having the largest consumption of gyoza (chiaotzu: Chinese dumpling), there are many gyoza specialty stores and many Japanese come to Utsunomiya just to taste the rich variety of gyoza in this city.
Maoka City which has many parks and green, Mashiko City known for pottery, and the Mecca of motor sports Motegi are all located close from Utsunomiya.


Tochigi Old Warehouses

More than 100,000 carps swim in Uzumagawa, a river running through the middle of the city, and a nice promenade with willow trees is made along the river.
Alongside of historical museums and memorial halls, you will find old fashioned ware houses and mansions with warehouses here and there, and a nice slow walk around the city will invite you to the time when it flourished as a castle town and a post-town.
Traditional folk toys and mini-getas (Japanese sandals) are common for souvenirs.



This area contains the major seeing and playing spots of Tochigi such as Tobu World Square, Edo Wonderland (Nikko Edo-mura), Western Village and Nikko Saru Gundan (monkey shows).
Moreover, the district is highly known for the large-scale hot spring resort where you can have a relaxing time looking out to the clear water of Kinugawa River.
It is a balanced hot spring resort spot easy to access from the metropolitan area and also to Shiobara area.

Nasu-Shiobara is a district consisted of many mountains that show seasonal expressions, including Nasu-Gohou (five peaks of Nasu) with Chausudake.
To the top of the mountain you can take the ropeway, and you can easily enjoy the panoramic view.
Itamuro hot springs, a genuine hot-spring cure district is only half an hour away from Nasu by car.
After a little hike in the mountains, it might be a good idea to dip in the soothing warm water.


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