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Shizuoka Prefecture
Upcoming Events February to March
1/20-3-30 Tsurushibina Festival
It is a general custom in Japan to celebrate the Momo-no-Sekku aka Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Festival with Hina Dolls, but the way people celebrate the event in East Izu is very unique and rare among other neighborhoods in the country. The history of...

1/14-3/11 Atami Plum Garden Plum Blossom Festival
Located in one of the warmest parts of Japan during winter, Atami Plum Garden welcomes visitors with early plum blossoms of about 730 trees in 64 different kinds. In addition to...
Sakura Spots April

■Nihondaira | Shizuoka City

Nihondaira is the name for the peak of Mt.Udo, a mountain at the eastern side of Shimizu City. Mt.Fuji viewed from this peak is especially splendid and you can also look out over Miho-no-Matsubara, Shizuoka City and the Japan Alps mountain range. The peak is a famous spot for blossom viewing, and the view of full blossoming of cherry flowers and Mt.Fuji together is one of Japan’s representative sceneries.     >> more

Prefectural Guide


Atami, having the Hakone Mountains on the back and looking out Sagami Bay, is a hot spring resort with a great number of hotels and inns along the coast.
Moreover, you can enjoy not only the hot springs but also marine sports like diving and visit art museums and amusement parks.
Atami is a city with many aspects, from the Izu hot springs with a hint of history, the resort island Hatsushima to Ajiro and Taga where there are tranquil fishing villages.
You can also experience diverse atmosphere in the city center.


West Izu (Nishi Izu)
The highlight of West Izu might be the grand sunset you can view as you spend a relaxing time in an outdoor hot spring. The vast ocean turns red.
Various seafood dishes such as crabs and lobsters as well as rare deep-sea fish are another pleasure of West Izu.
You can either take the train or the bus to come to West Izu, but you can also take the jet boat from Numazu to enjoy a bit of cruising.

Gotemba / Fuji area

The Gotemba and Fuji area is the entrance to climbing Mount Fuji and touring Fuji-Goko (Fuji Five Lakes). You can see the seasonal beauty of Mount Fuji which draws many people across the country.

The area is also a famous region for dairy farming, and among the green ranches and plateau with brisk breeze, there are many leisure facilities such as camping grounds, golf courses and museums.


Shimoda / Shirahama area

Shimoda is widely known to Japanese people as the origin of the opening of Japan (in the later years of Edo Period), and you will find many historical sites that tell you the history. In addition, the surrounding areas of Perry Road, a fashionable promenade provides you with an exotic atmosphere.

On the other hand, Shirahama is a beach where white sand stretches out and is famous as the Mecca of surfing and sea bathing.

Not too far from the beach, you will find Shirahama Shrine, the oldest shrine in Izu. The shrine surrounded by ancient trees is acknowledged for matchmaking and marriage.


With the manufacturing of motorcycles and pianos, Hamamatsu is known worldwide as an industrial city. As you walk along the streets, you can smell unagi (eel) dishes which is the local specialty of Hamamatsu.

Besides the industries and eel plates, there are various places historical sites in remembrance of Tokugawa Ieyasu (first shogun of Edo Period) and also refreshing parks around the city.

The Kite Festival where many gigantic kites vigorously fight each other in the open air during the May holidays (May 3-5) is really worth having a look.
Annual Events
Tsurushibina Festival | Atami Plum Festival | Shimizu Tanabata | Atami Maritime Fireworks |
Abekawa Fireworks | Yaizu Aramatsuri

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