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Shimane Prefecture
 Upcoming Events April
4/7 Musha Gyoretsu (Samurai Procession)
Until 2005 the Musha Gyoretsu (warrior parade) took place together with the Matsue Doh Gyoretsu (Matsue Drum Parade) as an autumnal event. This year, however, the Musha Gyoretsu proudly opens the...
Sakura Spots April

■Matsue-Jozan Park | Matsue City
Matsue is a city of water, having Ohashi River cutting through the city, Chukai in the east and Lake Shinjiko in the west. On the hill looking out over the city stands the grand castle main tower of Matsue Castle which is registered as a cultural asset. The area is opened as a public park with more than 300 Someiyoshino, Yamazakura and weeping cherry trees blossoming in spring. Besides during the castle festivals held every April, you can enjoy the blossoms at night when they're lit up.
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The name of Izumo appears in many myths in Japanese classical and religious texts such ash Nihon-shoki and Kojiki. Izumo-Taisha is a shrine renowned for matchmaking, and the shrine gate town Taishacho is a good sightseeing area with historical and cultural atmosphere.
You may also want to try taking a short trip to Yunokawa-Onsen, one of the Three Major
Bijin-no-yu (hot springs for beauty) of Japan.


Tsuwanocho is the westernmost town of Shimane located in the basin of Chugoku Mountain region. It is also known by the name of “Little Kyoto” in the shade of the mountains.
The scenery of former samurai residences with white walls, namako-kabe walls and cods swimming in the moat water fills the town with elegance of the old days.
In early summer, the town becomes even more beautiful with iris flowers blooming.



The traditional style of blacksmith Tatara, also introduced in the animation movie Princess Mononoke, is still alive and is handed down from generation to generation in this city.
Highlights of Yasugi cover the Yasugi-Kiyomizudera area where many inns serve delicious shojin-ryouri (Buddhist vegetarian dishes), and Adachi Museum of Art where nearly 130 pieces of the great Japanese modern art painter Yokoyama Daikan are kept and displayed.
Yasugibushi, a traditional dance originating in this area, is famous across the country. In the inns in Saginoyu-Onsen area, you can try some loach dishes.


As its nickname “Water City” tells the ancient city of Matsue has many astonishing waterscapes. It is also a city which prospered as a castle town of Matsue Castle centuries ago.
A visit to the buke-yashiki (a former samurai residence), Shinjiko Lake, and a canal cruise on Horikawa boat is a must when you go to Matsue.
Miho Shrine in Shimane Peninsula is also worth paying a visit.

One of the Sanin region’s prominent hot springs, Tamatsukuri-Onsen hot spring resort is formed along the river Tamyugawa, where the entire neighborhood unveils its magnificent beauty with the cherry blossoms in spring.

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