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Sakura viewing spots expecting blossoming around April 30th
Hokkaido Prefecture
Takigawa Park
Takigawa Park is full of thick Japanese Poplar and is very rich in nature. It is located at the end of Sorachi Bridge spanning over Sorachi River, and has been known as a blossom viewing spot from long ago. In spring, the cherry blossoms and the riverside scenery create a beatiful picture reflected on the lake surface.
Seiryuji Temple
Situating in the easternmost of Hokkaido Island (which is also a single Prefecture), Nemuro City is known to be the “Japan’s final destination of the cherry blossom front” alongside of Wakkanai City, the northernmost of Hokkaido. On the temple grounds of Seiryuji, the Chishimazakura cherry trees transplanted from Kunashiri Island at the beginning of Meiji unsparingly stretch out their branches as to craw the vast land of the north.
Hakodate Park
Hakodate Park is located on the eastern hill on the eastern foot of Mt. Hakodate, and looks out over the city of Hakodate. There are about 1,000 cherry trees planted inside the park, which at once blossom in spring. The shower of blossom is particularly beautiful. On holidays many people come in families and groups to enjoya walk among the cherry blossoms.
Fort Goryokaku
Goryokaku, as its name tells, is a fort with five points and is made in a star shape. It is the first western style fort built by the Tokugawa Shogunate as the defense base agains northern power. 2,600 cherry trees of various kinds planted in the Taisho Period put on flowers one after another and entertain the visitors.
Matsumae Park
This park was made on the site of former Matsumae Castle. The sea of cherry trees is said to have begun with the trees brought from many places in Japan at times of alternate attendance. Today 8,000 cherry trees in about 250 kinds becomes in full bloom in spring. There is also a museum and a sample garden where you can see new kinds of cherry trees.
Shinjuku Gyoen
Nijikken Street Row of Cherry Trees
Shizunai, a town in Hidaka district, is especially famous for producing great race horses. It is said that the row of cherry trees along Nijukken Street started with the planting of trees from the moutain by the ranch staff back in Taisho Period. Now the rows on both sides of the street is as long as 8 kilometers.
Aomori Prefecture
Ashino Park
There is a suspension bridge hung on the lakeside which creates a beautiful scenery. Ashino Park is located about 1 kilometer north from the city center, and nearly 1,800 cherry trees grow as to surround the lake. In spring the trees put on magnificent blossoms at once and give out conspicuos beauty.
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