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Sakura viewing spots expecting blossoming around April 20th
Akita Prefecture
Seishi Park
Having a very mild climate for a northern district, Seishi Park is known to be the first place in the prefecture where the blooming of cherry blossoms come. It is located to the north of Konoura Station, on the eastern side of national route 7. You can get a northern cherry blossom view, with nearly 1,000 cherry trees in full bloom and Mt.Chokai with snow remaining seen at the same time.
Senshu Park
Senshu Park, located in the northwest of Akita Prefecture, is the site of former Kubota Castle, where the Satake Family resided and ruled for nearly 270 years. Cherry trees can be seen almost anywhere along the walking path going around the park, and in spring show splendid flowers against the rich green of the park.
Iwate Prefecture
Mizusawa Park
Mizusawa Park has been managed since Meiji 11 (1878) and today is a multi-leisure complex containing track&field, baseball field, gymnasium, cultural hall, etc. There are about 1,000 cherry trees in the park, and especially the 350-year-old Higan derived cherry trees forming a forest is astonishing.

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