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Sakura viewing spots expecting blossoming around April 15th
Miyagi Prefecture
Kinkazan is a small island situated in the Pacific Ocean about 1 kilometer off the tip of Ojika Peninsula. Wild deer and monkey live on the island. In the northern part of the island locates Koganeyama Shrine, a shrine known as a god of good luck.The nearby area is a forest of cherry trees which in spring shows magnificent beauty.
Yamagata Prefecture
Kajo Park
Kajo Park is the site of former Yamagata Castle which was built in 1357. Now the site has become a park where only the stone wall and inner moat remain. In the park there are sports facilities and museums of western architecture built back in Meiji Period. The cherry trees put on fabulous blossoms along the inner moat in spring.
Tsuruoka Park
Tsuruoka City located in the center of Shonai Plain has flourised as a castle town from long ago. Tsuruoka Park is the site of former Tsuruoka Castle of Shonai Domain, and there are a shrine, museum and mini zoo within the park. In Meiji 39 (1906) 500 cherry trees were planted and now the 100-year-old trees unveil marvelous beauty in springtime.
Fukushima Prefecture
Kasumigajo Park
This park is located in Nihonmatsu, a famous place for Kikuningyo Doll Festival, and is made on the site of Kasumigajo, a castle which fell at Boshin War. At the observatory of the park, you can find the monument for Chiekosho as well. The cherry trees were planted in Taisho 12 (1923) and the 1,800 trees come to full bloom in spring having the Adatara mountain range in the back.
Kamegajo Park
Kamegajo Park is surrounded by Agatsuma on its north, Bandai in west, Mt. Adatara in east and Lake Inawashiro on its south. The castle was built by a head of a clan already in the beginning of Kamakura Period (1192-1336). Today it is a park where in spring the cherry trees put on gorgeous blossoms against the background of Mt.Bandai.
Dake-Onsen Kagamigaike
Dake-Onsen Kagamigaike is located on the entrance of Dake-Onsen, a hot spring welling up on the eastern foot of vast Mt.Adatara. Swans float on the surface of the pond and the color of the cherry blossoms on the lakeshore is truly elegant. There are other old hot springs and a birdland nearby, where hikers to Mt.Adatara stop by often.
Spirited Away (2001)
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