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Sakura viewing spots expecting blossoming around April 10th
Miyagi Prefecture
Shiroishigawa Riverbank
Shibata Town looking out over Zao mountain range is located in the south of the prefecture, at the crossing of Shiroishi River and Abukuma River. The cherry trees have been planted on both banks of Shiroishigawa back in Taisho 12 (1923) and the marvelous lines of cherry go on for more than 10 kilometers. Also, Funaoka Joshi Park is another good place to view cherry blossoms.
Aoba Castle Park
Aobajo, located on the hill looking out over Sendai City and Pacific Ocean, is now a castle site of Lord Date. Although the castle itself is gone now, the stone wall and moat still resembles the scene of centuries ago. Today the castle site is a public park, where many people come to have a look at the beautifull cherry blossoms.
Shiogama Shrine
Shiogama Shrine is located on the hill of a port town near to Matsushima, one of Japan’s Three Great Sceneries. On the shrine ground the sacred caldron, the origin of this shrine, is enshrined. The history of this shrine is very old, dating back to Heian Period (794-1191AD), and cherry trees of several hundreds of age grown on both sides of the stone steps.
Fukushima Prefecture
Tsurugajo Park
Tsurugajo Castle, the symbol of Aizu Wakamatsu City, had been built about 600 years ago and fell at the Boshin War. In the castle grounds there are about 1,000 cherry trees planted mostly Someiyoshino. The blossoms are lit up at night during blossoming season and attracts many visitors night and day.
Niigata Prefecture
Muramatsu Park
This park was made in 1906 commemorating the victory of Russo-Japan War, and has ranked third place of the 100 best views of Niigata. The range of 3,000 cherry trees continues from the slope of Atagoyama to the observatory. As well as the day view, the night blossoms are equally impressive lit up by the light of paper lanterns.
Takada Park
Takada Park is built on the site of Takada Castle, a castle built by First Tokugawa Shogun Ieyasu’s 6th son. It has been a famous spot for cherry blossoms from a long time ago, and there are 3,000 Someiyoshino trees mostly very old. The glimmering night blossoms reflected on the water surface is especially beautiful and the night scene is counted as one of Japan’s Three Night Blossoms. The blossom viewing party started in Taisho Period still goes on, greatly held in mid April every year.
Nagano Prefecture
As you drive up towards Kitashiga from Yudanaka Hot Springs for about 15 minutes, you will find a splendid old cherry tree in the corner of an apple orchard. This cherry tree is an Edohiganzakura estimated to be 800 years old, 12 meters high and 6.5 meters in circumference at the height of the eye. In spring the tree produces a mass of white blossoms.
Shiroyama Park
Shiroyama Park is located in the eastern end of Zenkoji’s temple ground, and stretches widely from north to south from the central flower clock. In spring, about 1,000 Someiyoshino and weeping cherry trees blossom at once. Since the park is on a hill, it is a great spot to enjoy flowers and surrounding view at the same time.
Garyu Shrine
Garyu Park is consisted of Ryugaike Pond and Mt.Garyu, a mountain looking out to the mountains of Joshinetsu border to the east and the Northern Alps on to the west. A beautiful contrast of colors is created in spring with the light ruby cherry blossoms and deep green of the old pine trees. As well as being included in one of the 100 best spots for cherry blossoms, the park is also counted as one of the 100 best pine trees of Japan.
Toyama Prefecture
Matsukawa Riverbanks
A beautiful range of cherry blossoms line up along the waters of Matsukawa River cutting flowing on the northern side of the ruins of Toyama Castle. As well as enjoying the blossoms walking along the promenade by the river covered with cherry petals, you can also enjoy the boat ride going around the seven bridges spanning the river.
Takaoka KojoPark
Takaoka Kojo Park is a park built on the castle ruins of Takaoka Castle located in the center of the city. The park had been open to the public in 1875 responding to the townspeople’s request to open up the park. Of about 3,000 cherry trees in the park, approximately 10% are Koshinohiganzakura trees.
Ishikawa Prefecture
Noto Kashima Station
For the excellent view of cherry blossoms, Noto Kashima Station is a very popular spot among train lovers. Centering around the station, rows of cherry trees stretch out along the railway on both sides and form a magnificent tunnel of rich pink.
As well as being one of the three most beautiful gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen is also counted as one of the 100 best cherry blossoms of Japan. The garden retains the strolling-style landscape garden characteristic to Edo gardens, and has around 420 cherry trees including kinds unique to this region. You can also enjoy night blossoms, and on crowded days more than 20,000 people visit the garden.
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