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Sakura viewing spots expecting blossoming around March 20th
Shizuoka Prefecture
Sumpu Park
Sumpu Castle has been built by Tokugawa Ieyasu and once had the name of Ukishima Castle (meaning “floating castle”). Now the grounds are open to the public as a park containing cultural halls and athletic fields. In spring the park shows a different face colored in beautiful pink.
Nihondaira is the name for the peak of Mt.Udo, a mountain at the eastern side of Shimizu City. Mt.Fuji viewed from this peak is especially splendid and you can also look out over Miho-no-Matsubara, Shizuoka City and the Japan Alps mountain range. The peak is a famous spot for blossom viewing, and the view of full blossoming of cherry flowers and Mt.Fuji together is one of Japan’s representative sceneries.
Wakayama Prefecture
Shichikawa Dam Lakefront
Most of the area of Kogazawa town is covered with mountain and woods. 3,000 cherry trees which the local residents planted at the time of completion of Shichikawa Dam in 1956 grow along the lakeshores for nearly 5 kilometers. You can enjoy viewing the blossoms from the water, and in early April the lakefront gets crowded with people coming for the Sakura Festival.
Kochi Prefecture
Tamematsu Park
Tamematsu Park is built on the site of Tamematsu Castle, a ruined castle which once used to be an imitation of Kyoto Nijo Castle. Approximately 3,000 Someiyoshino cherry trees are planted around the park and the park is known to be one of the prominent spots in Shikoku Island to view cherry blossoms. Crowded and cheerful parties are held during the blossoming season.
Kochi Castle
The most beautiful scenery of this park located in the center of the city is probably the sight of full blossoming of 443 cherry trees, mostly Someiyoshino, against the background of national cultural asset Kochi Castle. The flowers blossom usually about the same time as in Kumamoto telling early spring to Western Japan.
Makino Park
Sagawa, a town surrounded by low mountains, is the birthplace of the worldy famous botanist Doctor Makino Tomitaro. The park has been named after him, and he himself had planted the cherry trees. Today 2,000 cherry trees blossom in spring drawing a pretty pink pattern in green.
Miyazaki Prefecture
Chikuko-en is a garden located on the southern side of Obi Station. It has been contributed by a local power to Nichinan City, and contains about 1,000 Someiyoshino which unsparingly shows off it's beauty in Spring. There is also a wide space where many people come to have a relaxing time.
Shiroyama Castle
The park now only leaving the stonewalls of the castle is placed on a 53-meter-high hill located 1.5 km northwest of Nobeoka Station. From the observatory you can see most of the city, and in spring about 800 cherry trees blossom dying the park in bright pink.
Maizuru Park
Maizuru Park is located on top of a 70-meter-high hill where the Takanabe Castle used to be. Today you can see the stonewall remains of Honmaru, Ninomaru and Sannomaru. The spot is famous for its 1,000 cherry blossoms blossoming at once in spring, and during the blossoming season many people cruise in to enjoy the Sakura Festival.
Horikiri Mountain Path
Horikiri-Toge is located on the way from Miyazaki City towards Nichinan City on National Route 220. As you go up the slope you reach a point where the view opens up looking out over the wide ocean. About 10,000 Yamazakura cherry trees grow along the route and in the mountains, coloring up the mountainside elegantly in pink.
Saitobaru is the oldest burial mounds in Japan holding more than 300 mounds, and is registered as a special historical park. This is one of the very few places - or perhaps the only place - where you can see a row of cherry trees growing on top of two burial mounds. As spring arrives 500 cherry trees color up the field.
Sumida River and Park
Kumamoto Prefecture
Minamata Cherry Line
Minamata Cherry Line is the row of cherry trees growing along the 27-km-long road connecting Yunotsuru Hot Springs in the mountains and Yunoko Hot Springs on the seafront. The view of cherry blossoms continuing for miles is certainly impressive, but the contrast between the cherry blossoms above your head and rape blossoms at your foot is also very beautiful. During the Sakura Festival season from late March to early April, you can also view the flowers from a boatride on Yatsushiro Sea.
Okinawa Prefecture
Gorgeous Kanhizakura trees spread out to the top on the mountainside of 453-meter-high Yaedake, located in the center of Motobu Peninsula. The contrast between dark pink and thick green of the wild woods is truly impressive. The peak area of the mountain is designated as natural preservation zone, and you can see flora and fauna unique to Okinawa.
Nagojo Park
The park is known to be the best and most popular place in Okinawa for cherry blossoms. It is placed around the ruins site of Okinawa Castle, looking out over East China Sea. There are 20,000 Higanzakura cherry trees beautifully lining up on both sides of the path leading up to the peak. The earliest Sakura Festival in Japan is held every year on the last weekend of January. You can also see wild subtropical flora and fauna in Okinawa.
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