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Cherry Blossoms 2007
Please note that due to the warm winter the blossoming of sakura this year is slighlty earlier than previous average.
Many of the sakura festivals will begin in late March depending on the blossoming conditions.
Matsue 400th Anniversary Oshiro Matsuri
A flower festival of camellia and cherry blossoms will be held for almost a month at Matsue Jozan Park, a park designated as one of the 100 best sakura spots in Japan, with many events and special booths such as the hanami tea house, Yasugibushi (folk dance) concert, koto (Japanese harp) concerts and demonstration sales of sakuramochi (Japanese sweets; dumplings with sweet bean filling and a wrap of salt pickled sakura leaf) celebrating the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Matsue area. Sakura trees will be illuminated at night until 21:00 during the castle festival.
[Dates] March 10th (Sat) – April 15th (Sun)
[Place] Matsue Jozan Park
Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture
[Access] From JR Matsue Station take bus for 10min to Kenchomae Bus Stop. Short walk.
[Admission] Free for the festival.
Tickets required for entering the castle towers etc.
[Inquiry] 0852-21-4030 (NPO Matsue Tourism)
[URL] http://www.matsue400.jp/
(Matsue 400th Anniversary Official Website, Japanese)
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57th Miyakonojo Mochio Sakura Matsuri
The biggest feature of cherry blossoms at Mochio is probably the 2-km-long tunnel if sakura trees. The cherry blossom festival is crowded every year with thousands of visitors from within and outside of the prefecture. A recreation of the festival of the former Shimazu Domain will be held on March 31st and a number of events for children on the 1st of April.
[Dates] March 24th (Sat)– April 1st (Sun)
[Time] March 31st 18:00 Recreation of the Former Shimazu Domain Ceremony
[Place] Mochio Park
Miyakonojo City, Miyazaki Pref.
[Access] From JR Nishi Miyakonojo Station take bus for 20 min. to Yokoichi Bus Stop. 20-min-walk.
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0986-23-2460 (Miyakonojo City Tourist Association)
[URL] http://miyakonojo.tv/
(Miyakonojo City Tourist Association, Japanese)
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Kisuki Mitoya Sakura Matsuri
During the Kisuki Festival the sakura blossoms will be lit up with lantern light at night allowing the visitors to appreciate night blossoms. Also, fireworks will be shot up on March 31 which is a very rare event for springtime, joined by all kinds of stage events are scheduled to take place. In addition to the someiyoshino trees forming a 2-km-long tunnel the area also contains about 200 trees of gyoikou, a very rare kind of sakura in green blossoming about 2 weeks later than someiyoshino.
[Dates] March 31st (Sat) – April 1st (Sun)
[Place] Hiikawa Riverbanks, Mitoyagawa Riversides
Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture
[Access] 1-min-walk from JR Kisuki Station
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0854-40-1054 (Unnan City Commerce and Industry Bureau)
[URL] http://www.ufm.jp/research/matsuri/
(Festivals if Unnan, Japanese)
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Historical Site Negoroji Temple Sakura Festival
[Dates] Late March through Early April (depending on the blossoming conditions)
[Place] Negoroji Temple
2286 Negoro, Iwade City, Wakayama Prefecture
[Access] From JR Kii Station take bus for 20 min. and get off at Negoro Bus Stop. 20-min-walk, OR

From JR Izumi Sunagawa Station take bus for 20 min to Negoroji Bus Stop. Short walk.
[Admission] JPY500 (common ticket for national treasure Ohtou and the Garden)
[Inquiry] 0736-62-1144
(Negoroji Temple)
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Negoroji is a historical temple in Wakayama Prefecture with a number of precious architecture including the national treasure Ohtou, the largest wooden two-story pagoda in Japan which as survived event the fire attack during the Segoku Period (the era of war). The total cherry trees growing on the temple ground and surrounding area are said to mount up to roughly 7,000 mostly someiyoshino and yamazakura varieties, and the sight of the historical temple against the background of sakura in full blossom is astoundingly beautiful.
Sankeien Evening Sakura Viewing
The brilliant garden of Sankeien will extend its opening hours during the sakura season until 20:30 for visitors to enjoy evening cherry blossoms together with the lit up architectures such as the three-layer-pagoda. Written guide available in English, Chinese and Korean.
[Dates] March 30th (Fri) – April 8th (Sun)
[Time] 9:00-21:00 (last entry 20:30)
[Place] Yokohama Sankeien Garden
Yokohama City, Kanagawa Pref.
[Access] From JR Negishi Station take bus for 10min and get off at Honmoku Bus Stop. 7-min-walk.
[Admission] Adults… Y500 / Children… Y200 / 65+…Y300
[Inquiry] 045-621-0635 (Sankeien)
[URL] www.sankeien.or.jp/ (Sankeien Official Website, Japanese with  ENG/CHN/KOR pdf files)
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Osaka Castle Nishonomaru Garden Sakura Night Viewing
During the cherry blossom season the Japanese garden of Osaka Castle is specially opened for night blossoms viewing. The sakura trees are lit up with lanterns until 20:00 and the view of the “yozakura” (night sakura) with the main tower of Osaka Castle in the back is stunningly beautiful. Nishinomaru Garden has about 600 sakura trees and Osaka Castle Park is designated as one of the 100 Best Sakura Spots in Japan.
[Dates] Seven days between late March through early April
[Time] 10:00-20:00 (last tickets 19:30)
[Place] Osaka Castle
Nishinomaru Garden (Teien)
2 Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Access] 20-min-walk from JR Osakajo-Koen Station
[Admission] JPY350
[Inquiry] 06-6941-1144 (Osaka City Recreation and Tourism Bureau)
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Odawara Sakura Festival (Odawara Sakura Matsuri)
Odawara Sakura Matsuri is a festival held at Odawara Castle, which is another place designated as one of the 100 Best Sakura Spots in the country. Approximately 350 trees of Someiyoshino cherry blossom put on gorgeous blossoms on the castle ground. From the top floor of the reconstructed main castle tower visitors can view the Boso Peninsula and on clear days even as far as the Izu Oshima Island. Sakura related events take place on March 24th, 25th and April 1st.
[Dates] Late March through early April
(Events on  3/24, 3/25 and 4/1)
[Time] Night Light-up… 18:00-22:00
[Place] Odawara Joshi Koen (Park of Odawara Castle Remains)
Jounai, Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Access] 10-min-walk from Odawara Station
[Admission] Free (tickets charged separately for Tenshukaku (catle tower) entry)
[Inquiry] 0465-22-5002 (Odawara City Tourism Association)
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