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Cherry Blossoms 2007
Please note that due to the warm winter the blossoming of sakura this year is slighlty earlier than previous average.
Many of the sakura festivals will begin at late March depending on the blossoming conditions.
Shimanto Sakura Matsuri
The Shimanto Cherry Blossom Festival takes place at Tamematsu Park where thousands of sakura trees put on attractive cherry blossoms a little earlier than other regions of the country. During the Sakura Matsuri held for approximately one month there will be several subevents including such as the outdoors tea ceremony and koto (Japanese harp) playing. The blossoms will be cast light at night providing a fantastical view.
[Dates] March 17 (Sat) – April 15 (Sun)
[Place] Tamematsu Park
Shimanto City, Kochi Prefecture
[Access] 10-min-drive/taxi-ride from Tosa Kuroshio Tetsudo Nakamura Station
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0880-35-4171 (Shimanto City Tourist Association)
[URL] http://www.city.shimanto.lg.jp/top-img/2006/0330/index.html
(Shimanto City Official Website, Event Information, Japanese)
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Tsurumidake Park Sakura Festival
The entire area of the national park spreading out across Mt.Tsurumidake’s mountain foot is known as a famous place for cherry blossom viewing with about 2,000 sakura trees in about 11 different breeds. The place attracts many visitors from locals to tourists. During the season the trees are lit up until 21:00.
[Dates] March 24th (Sat) – April 14th (Sat)
light-up… sunset – 21:00
[Place] Tsurumidake Koen
Beppu City, Oita Prefecture
[Access] From JR Beppu Station take bus for 22min. and get off at Ropeway bus stop. 0-min-walk.
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0977-22-2279 (Tsurumidake Eigyobu)
[URL] http://www.beppu-ropeway.co.jp/siki/index.html
(Four Seasons of Mt.Tsurumidake, Japanese)
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Shiroyama Night Sakura Illumination
Shiroyama Park made on the site of Nobeoka Castle ruins is probably one of the first places in Japan that started night blossom viewing with electric illumination. The electric lights first embellished the park’s cherry trees at the end of Meiji (roughly a century ago) and ever since the spot has been known among the locals as a great spot for night sakura. During the sakura season today the illuminations are turned on 18:00-22:00 as well as the light up for the stonewall aka “Senningoroshi-no-Ishigaki” i.e., “the thousand-killer stonewall”.
[Dates] March 24 (Sat) – April 8 (Sun) *ttv
illumination… 18:00-22:00
[Place] Shiroyama Koen
Higashi Honkouji, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture
[Access] From JR Nobeoka Station take bus for 8min and get off at Osebashi Kitazume bus stop.
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0982-34-7833 (Nobeoka City Commerce and Tourism)
[URL] http://www.kanko-miyazaki.jp/sys/search/detail
(Miyazaki Prefecture, Japanese)
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Saito Flower Festival (Saito Hana Matsuri)
Sakura and Nanohana
Saitobaru is a wide hill with the traces of tradition, history and culture, spreading out 3 kilometers east to west and 4 kilometers north to south. On the 50-meter-above-sea level tableland there are roughly 300 burial mounds remaining from millenniums ago. Under the open sky a stunning contrast of pink and yellow of the cherry blossoms and field mustard can be enjoyed in spring. During the festival term the area is filled with stalls and booths as well as many visitors coming for the flowers. There will also be traditional performances such as kagura (dance), kofun-daiko (drums) and “haniwa-hanaguruma”. Night blossoms are also available.
[Dates] Late March through early April (depending on the blossoming conditions)
[Place] Saitobaru Burial Grounds
Miyake Saitobaru, Saito City, Miyazaki Prefecture
[Access] 50 to 60-min bus ride from JR Miyazaki Station, get off at “Saito-Eigyousho”  bus stop. 5-min-taxi-ride.
[Admission] Free
[Inquiry] 0983-43-2111
(Saito Shoko Gikaisho)
[URL] http://miyazaki.daa.jp/saitobaru/
(Saitobaru Burial Grounds, Japanese)
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Sakura Matsuri
Wakayama Castle
[Dates] Late March through mid April (depending on the blossoming conditions)
[Place] Wakayama Castle and Park
Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
[Access] 7-min-bus-ride from JR Wakayama Station, 0-min-walk from bus stop “Koen-mae”
[Admission] Tenshukaku (castle tower)… Adults: Y350 / Children Y170
Admission free for the park
[Inquiry] 073-435-1044 (Wakayama Castle Management Office)
[URL] http://www.wakayama.tv/01/leisure/
(Wakayama Town Info,
Sakura Movie, Japanese)
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Wakayama park surrounding Wakayama Castle contains about 1,300 sakura trees mostly consisted of Someiyoshino. The view of the cherry blossoms at full bloom together with the grand castle is absolutely astonishing especially at night when the trees and blossoms are illuminated.
Atami Castle Sakura Festival
Atami Castle (Atamijo) sits on the peak of Nishikigaura famous for its scenic view. It has been known for a long time as a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) spot and cheerful sakura festivals warm up the seasonal atmosphere. About 200 cherry trees mostly of Someiyoshino breed put on rich blossoms lit up at night. The festival has a very joyful mood with stalls, events and karaoke.
[Dates] Mar 24 (Sat) – Apr 15 (Sun) *ttv
[Place] Atami Castle
Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture
[Access] 10-min-drive/taxi ride from JR Atami Station
[Admission] Hanami… Free
Atami Castle… Adults: JPY900 / Children: JPY450
[Inquiry] 0557-81-6209 (Atamijo Sakura Matsuri Executive Office)
[URL] http://www.atamijyo.com/
(Atami Castle Official Website, Japanese)
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