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Saga Prefecture
Sakura Spots April

■Ogi Park | Ogi Town
Ogi Park is located about 500 meters north of Ogi Station. It is a garden made by the Ogi Domain Lord and is one of the best places in this district to view cherry blossoms. In the park, nearly 3,000 cherry trees create a wonderful scenery together with the green grass and the traditional garden.
Prefectural Guide

Land of ceramic

Cities such as Imari and Arita are rich in tradition and culture and are known for being the land of pottery.
The two cities have their own brands called Imariyaki and Aritayaki, and there are many passionate fans of these ceramics.


Karatsu City
Niji-no-Matsubara, a pine grove running along the coastline of Karatsu Bay is registered as one of the national special places of scenic beauty.
It is also one of the Three Grand Pine Groves along with Miho-no-Matsubara and Kihi-no-Matsubara, all known for their beautiful landscape.

Karatsu Castle (Karatsujo) with a magnificent 5-layered central tower is the symbol of Karatsu City.

Sagajo Hon-maru Historical Museum
(Sagajo Hon-maru Rekishi Hakubutsukan)

This is a historical museum built on top of the historical site of former Saga Castle in Jonai, Saga City.

The current museum building is a precise restoration of part of the Sagajō Hon-maru Goten (main palace) at the end of Edo period, and is the largest restoration of wooden architecture in Japan.
This museum introduces the attraction and energy of Saga during the revolutionary period at the end of Edo, which led Japan to modernism.
The entire area is an attractive place where you can feel the atmosphere of that time, with the ruins of the keep, castle moat and the grampus gate (national important cultural asset) surrounding the main building.


Yoshinogari Historical Park
(Yoshinogari Rekishi Koen)

Yoshinogari Historical Park is a park where you can find ruins and relics from all stages of the 600-year-long Yayoi period.

Moreover, this site is academically very precious for the relics show the characteristics of each stages of Yayoi very clearly and allow us to closely observe how the shifts and transformations were made during the entire Yayoi period.

Ureshino Hot Springs - Bijin-no-yu
(Ureshino Onsen: Hot Spring for Beauty)

The history of Ureshino Onsen is very old, and is first introduced in the historical document Hizenkoku-Fudoki (A.D.712), “there is a good hot spring on the east shore that cures all illness”.

Ureshino is a hot spring city filled with elegance and history in the air, with many traditional Japanese style hotels stretching out.
The spring, having Sodium hydrogen carbonate and Chloride fountainas the main components, has a reputation of having good effects on illness such as rheumatism, neuralgia and pain in stomach and intestines.
In addition to the effects, the texture of the water is very soft and smooth, and it is well said that once you experience the spring of Ureshino you can never leave the place.

After you bathe in the spring, try the Ureshino Onsen Yudofu, a tofu dish that melts in your mouth!

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