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Osaka Prefecture
Upcoming Events March
3/11-3/25 | Grand Sumo March Tournament
Ozumo, The Grand Sumo Tournament is held every other month at different places of Japan. The one tournament in March is held in Osaka at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium gathering as much audience as the ones held in Tokyo. If you happen to be around Osaka...
Sakura Spots March - April

■Osaka Expo Memorial Park | Suita City
Osaka Expo Memorial Park has been opened in 1972 as a cultural recreation complex using the site of Osaka Expo held in 1970. More than 5,500 cherry trees are planted in the park, and you can see a fabulous row of cherry blossoms in the wide opening of the natural cultural zone. The park also provides a magnificent view of night blossoms. >>more

Prefectural Guide
Osaka Castle Osaka City (“Kita”)


The central area of northern Osaka City spreads out around JR Osaka station and Umeda station, and is more commonly called “Kita” by the local residents. Here, variety of shopping malls, department stores and fashion shops gather.
Also, Osaka and Umeda are terminal stations for JR trains, other trains, subway and buses, therefore “Kita” is not only the center of local transportation but also of middle-long distance traveling. To go to Kyoto or Kobe from Osaka, all you need to do is to hop on the bus.

As for sightseeing spots, you definitely can’t miss Osakajo Castle. As well as being a historically important site, it is a spot of scenic beauty. The contrast between the solemn castle and its main tower, and the seasonal features such as cherry blossom, fresh green and colored leaves create stunning scenery.


Osaka City (“Minami”)

Minami is where Osaka’s landmarks Dohtombori River and moreover the huge and famous signboard of Glico is.
A rich variety of unique and humorous shops line up on the streets of Shinsaibashi shotengai (local shopping mall) and America-mura (American Village) and attract loads of people all the time.
Those who want to taste the excellent food from the “celestial kitchen” Osaka like takoyaki (grilled dumpling balls with octopus) and Osaka-style okonomiyaki (unsweetened pancakes with vegetables and meat), Minami is the place to go.

Shopping and gourmet are exciting and cheap especially in Shinsekai, the neighborhood around Tsutenkaku Tower. You just can’t come to Osaka without enjoying Minami to its fullest extent.

Osaka (Bay Area)

People’s attention to the Osaka bay area has been increasing since the opening of Universal Studios Japan. If you want to really enjoy the thrilling and fascinating attractions of the Hollywood movies, make sure you have plenty of time.
After spending the day at USJ, just have a slow relaxing time by the water.
At Tempohsan where Kaiyukan, one of the world’s largest aquariums is, there are a Ferris wheel and some other museums as well.

The area should be a fun place for shoppers too, for there are many popular shops around where seaside shopping can be enjoyed.
Sakai City

Sakai flourished as a trade port during Muromachi to Sengoku Period (early 14C to mid 16C).
It is also a city of ancient history with tumulus from more than one thousand years ago including that of Emperor Nintoku remain here and there.

At night, Takaishi City and Izumi-Ohtsu City facing the sea become good spots to view the industrial zone lit up in colors.

It is not too much to say that the foremost feature of this city is Danjiri, a festival so big and popular that offices and schools close on that day and the entire city shows excitement.
The historical townscape of the central area of this castle town is worth seeing, too.

The nearby Nishikinohama with the deep green pine trees and white sand is known to be a beach of magnificent scenery. During summer, it is a popular swimming beach not too far from Osaka city as well.

Annual Events
Grand Sumo Tournament (March) | Tenjin Festival | Sumiyoshi Festival | PL Fireworks | Yao Kawachi Ondo
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