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Nagano Prefecture
Sakura Spots April

Takato Joshi Park | Ina City
Takato Joshi Park is the most popular place in Nagano to view cherry blossoms. The castle ruins are located on a high place looking down at the townscape, and you can get a grand view of the Central Alps as well. About 1,500 Kohiganzakura cherry trees planted 1875 put on blossoms at once and gorgeously brighten the park in spring.    >> more

Foliage Spots September - October
■Kamikochi | Matsumoto City
Kamikochi is located 1,500 meters above sea level and is a small basin in the west of Matsumoto City. The basin forms an S shape when seen from above and the total length is as long as 16 km. This is also the entrance to The Northern Alps of Japan. In autumn you can get a magnificent view from the bus window running from the foot of the mountain, and the view around the hanging bridge is highly recommended. On top of the autumn scene of colored leaves, there is also a quiet and somewhat mystical space of withered trees and a mossed pond. Now Kamikochi is a popular spot not only among hikers but also tourists.   >> more
Hot Springs All year round
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Kamikochi is an international mountain resort first discovered by Walter Weston, an English missionary and a mountaineer.

As you walk along the shores of Azusagawa, a stream flowing through the skirts of Hotaka mountain range, series of magnificent landscape will welcome you.


Karuizawa, a highland area located at the foot of Asamayama, is one of Japan’s most famous summer resorts.
It is known that having a summer house here shows a certain level of social status among Japanese people.


Kisoji is no more than a part of Nakasendo (one of the five major highways during Edo Period), yet considering the fact that Kisoji has become the pronoun for Nakasendo as seen in Kisokaido-rokujukyutsugi, the masterpiece ukiyoe by Ando Hiroshige and Keisai Eisen, it can be well said that the symbolic scenery and cultural / natural climates of the highway was present in Kisoji.

The real Kisoji, however, is located at a valley in one of the deepest mountains in Shinshu (Nagano).


On the eastern valley of Hakuba, you will find Hakuba-daisekkei, Japan’s largest snow valley where the winter snow and avalanches from the surrounding massif piles up.

On top of the snow valley spreads out one of Japan’s few great field of alpine flowers.

Also, one of Japan’s highest hot springs Hakubayari-onsen is situated at the 2,100m point on the hillside of Yarigatake, and Renge-Onsen at the northern base of Hakuba-Oike.

Shiga Plateau (Shiga Kogen)

Being one of “Mt.6”, the six major skiing grounds in Japan, Shiga Kōgen in Yamanouchicho is a mountain resort of largest scale within the country with 21 skiing grounds.

The 1998 Winter Olympic Games and World Cup had been held here.

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