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Mie Prefecture
Sakura Spots April - May

Kyuka Park | Kuwana City
Kyuka Park is located at the mouth of Nagara River, a river flowing into Ise Bay together with Kiso River. Besides the cherry trees, there are also wisteria and azalea which vividly color up the park. Kuwana City has many places to visit including Kaizoji Temple or the ruins of Kuwana Castle.

■Miyagawa Riverbank | Ise City
Miyagawa River, flowing through Kii Peninsula out to Ise Bay has been known to be a najor cherry blossom viewing spot since Edo Period. In spring, a gorgeous row of 1,000 cherry trees unveils its beauty for about 1 kilometer. During the Sakura Festival in early April, the blossoms are lit up with electrical and paper lantern lights at night, allowing visitors to enjoy another kind of blossom fascination.

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The highlight of Shima is probably the beautiful oceanscape the complex rias coastline creates and the luxurious seafood the rich nature brings.

High-quality Ise lobster, oyster and abalone are a must when you visit Shima.


Ise Jingu, also called “Oise-san” is located in this city, and many worshippers from all over Japan come to pay a visit all year round. Around the shrine, there are the alley “Okage Yokocho” and Akafuku Honten, the head store of Akafuku-mochi (an Ise sweets), and you can walk along the streets feeling the air of good old Japan.

If you extend your journey just a bit towards Futami, you will find Fufu-iwa (the spouses’ rock) which two rocks are likened to a married couple, and spend some time in Ise Azuchi Momoyama Bunkamura, an amusement park that reproduces the image of the age of feudalistic samurai.


Iga is most famous as the country of ninja, and is a quiet city with many historical buildings standing next to each other.

It is also the birthplace of the great poet Matsuo Basho (known now worldwide for his haiku).

Many travelers from abroad visit the ninja mansion where the largest amount of ninja-related materials and data are kept and displayed.



The F1 Japan Grand Prix is held in Suzuka Circuit situating in this city.

The circuit does not only have race courses where you can actually drive with race cars, but also has a range of recreation facilities including an amusement park, hot spring complex and a camping ground.


Toba is the first place in the world to produce manmade pearl.
In this marine tourist city, there are many ocean-related facilities such as Toba Aquarium and the Dolphin Island Marine Park.

Furthermore, various seafood dishes of best quality are served, especially lobster and red snapper. You can get a grand view of the small islands and rias costline from the Toba Observatory.

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