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Kumamoto Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

Kumamoto Castle | Kumamoto City
Along with Osaka and Nagoya Castles, Kumamoto Castle has been known as one of the Three Major Castles of Japan, with a dignified figure sitting on the hill Chausuyama in the middle of the city. The inside of the castle is designed with abundant nature and is very popular. During the blossiming season the lights show the elegance of cherry blossoms against the dark sky.

■Minamata Cherry Line | Minamata City
Minamata Cherry Line is the row of cherry trees growing along the 27-km-long road connecting Yunotsuru Hot Springs in the mountains and Yunoko Hot Springs on the seafront. The view of cherry blossoms continuing for miles is certainly impressive, but the contrast between the cherry blossoms above your head and rape blossoms at your foot is also very beautiful. During the Sakura Festival season from late March to early April, you can also view the flowers from a boatride on Yatsushiro Sea.

Prefectural Guide


Kumamoto is a mixed city of history and modern atmosphere, but what's more a city so rich in nature that there are several nicknames such as “Fire Country” “Forest City” and “Water City”.
The city is also famous as a gourmet spot where you can taste excellent local dishes including Kumamoto ramen noodles, mustard-flavored lotus root and raw horse meat.

Recently the city is rapidly growing as a base of information dispatch, and a range of shops and stylish boutiques stand side by side along the streets of Kamidori and Shimodori.


The Aso mountain range is consisted of mainly five peaks – Nakadake, Takadake, Nekodake, Kishimadake and Eboshidake.
With these five peaks in the center, the magnificent outer rim of the crater spreads out and creates one of the world’s largest calderas.

Sightseeing highlights of Aso cover Mashiki with great nature, Oguni where you can enjoy the hot springs and a therapeutic walk in the forest, Minami Aso where the beautiful landscape awaits you, and Soyoumachi famous for blueberries.
The mountain trolley which takes you to the scenic beauty of Aso is also very popular.



Amakusa is the general name for all the big and small 1,200 islands in this area.
It is famous for the strict banning of Christianity during the Edo Period, and thus there are many historical sites related to Edo and Christianity.

Today the city is developing as a tourist city of scenic beauty, and the city gets especially crowded on Sundays and Holidays for the popular dolphin shows.


In Japan Yatsushiro is particularly known for sightseeing fishery of mat rush and cutlass fish.
The Yatsushiro fireworks competition held every October draw many people from across the country.

In the nearby Minamata area, there are hot springs and beaches.
The area attracts many people for outdoor leisure such as fishing and sightseeing utase boat (cruise and fishing experience).

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