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Autumn Foliage Forecast 2006
famous viewing spots and color changing forecast
- September -
Hokkaido Prefecture
Lake Akanko | Akan Town

Akanko located in the east of Hokkaido is a river-formed lake with beautiful clear blue water. Except for the southern side of the lake, human untouched nature spreads around the 26km-long lakeshore. The leaves start to change colors in latter September and October is the best time to enjoy beautiful leaves. The Spherical Moss Festival is held during Oct 8-10 with the purpose of bringing back spherical moss that had been taken from the lake. On the southern side of the lake locates Akanko Hot Springs, which is the center of transportation and lake cruise, as well as being a good hot spring resort. Other outdoor leisures can be enjoyed such as camping and skiing, and there is also a place where you can see Ainu (indigenous people) dancing.

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Miyagi Prefecture
Miyagi Zao | Zao Town

Mt. Zao with its huge crater referred to as a "pot" is famous for its scenic beauty throughout the year. During the summer a magnificent flowerbed spreads out with many kinds of mountain flowers. Starting in September the leaves change colors from the top and in October Zao sees its first snow of the season. A tollway runs across Yamagata and Miyagi prefectures, and the red leaves form an arch above the road. Waterfalls can be seen as well, and the view stretches as far as the Pacific Ocean. There is a hot spring resort nearby where you can relax in the hot springs and view the colored leaves at the same time. Silver frost (ice glazed trees) is best around late January to February.

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Tochigi Prefecture
Lake Chuzenjiko | Nikko City

Lake Chuzenjiko is 2km long in circumference, and forests of maple, oak and beech growing as to surround the lake unveils a magnificent beauty of colored leaves in autumn. Seasonal scenery can be seen also on the western side of Mt.Nantaisan with marshes of rue. Parallel to the National Route 120 runs a promenade where you can enjoy a nature walk. There is a ranch in nearby, and various kinds of trout are stocked in the lake. The fishing season is from May 1st to Sep 15th.

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Nagano Prefecture
Kamikochi | Matsumoto City

Kamikochi is located 1,500 meters above sea level and is a small basin in the west of Matsumoto City. The basin forms an S shape when seen from above and the total length is as long as 16 km. This is also the entrance to The Northern Alps of Japan. In autumn you can get a magnificent view from the bus window running from the foot of the mountain, and the view around the hanging bridge is highly recommended. On top of the autumn scene of colored leaves, there is also a quiet and somewhat mystical space of withered trees and a mossed pond. Now Kamikochi is a popular spot not only among hikers but also tourists.

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