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Kochi Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

■Kochi Castle | Kochi City

The most beautiful scenery of this park located in the center of the city is probably the sight of full blossoming of 443 cherry trees, mostly Someiyoshino, against the background of national cultural asset Kochi Castle. The flowers blossom usually about the same time as in Kumamoto telling early spring to Western Japan.

■Tamematsu Park | Nakamura City
Tamematsu Park is built on the site of Tamematsu Castle, a ruined castle which once used to be an imitation of Kyoto Nijo Castle. Approximately 3,000 Someiyoshino cherry trees are planted around the park and the park is known to be one of the prominent spots in Shikoku Island to view cherry blossoms. Crowded and cheerful parties are held during the blossoming season.

Prefectural Guide


Not only tourists but also a large number of local people gather to the retained old-style street market opened in the city of Kochi.
Other sightseeing spots include Harimayabashi Bridge (now a park), Kochi Castle and Katsurahama beach where white sand stretches out.
The origin of Tosa-washi (rice paper), Ino is also a popular location for outdoor leisure.
Above all the outdoor events held in Ino, the Tosa Sunday Market which spreads out in Outesuji, a neighborhood at the foot of Kochi Castle, gets especially crowded with more than 40,000 people per day.
If you want to explore the great and mysterious nature of this region, Ryugado, a national monument limestone cavern in Tosayamada town may be a good place to visit.
The 1-kilometer-long walking course in the 750-million-year-old cavern will draw you into the awe of nature.


Having Kochi “Ryoma” Airport, Nankoku plays a central part in connecting Kochi Prefecture with the others.
To take pleasure in grand sceneries and outdoor activities, Kami-gun would be the area to go.

Fans of Anpanman, a famous and popular children’s comic book, may want to visit the Anpanman Museum in Kahokucho.


Aki is the origin of the 200-year-old Uchiharanoyaki pottery and there are many potteries in the city. When you come to Aki, don’t miss the Doikachu area where old samurai residences stand side by side and Nora-dokei, the 1887 handmade clock tower.


Muroto City is the base of several whale watching cruises.
The sub-tropical plants and the dynamic waves of the Pacific Ocean create a peculiar but magnificent view at Cape Muroto (Muroto-misaki). The city is also the base of all kinds of pelagic fishery, and a rich variety of fish from Pacific Ocean are brought into the port.


Quiet mountain villages are formed in the upper stream areas of the 196-kilometer-long Shimanto River. Chinka-bashi, a special kind of bridge with no parapets made so that they won’t break at times of floods, can be seen here and there along this river.
Nakamura City located at the mouth of the river has a nickname of “Little Kyoto of Tosa” since the town was modeled after Kyoto at the time of establishment.
The waterscapes along Shimanto River are especially tasteful: the scenes of chinka-bashi and the traditional river fishing will bring you to the good old days of Japan.

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