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A lot of the swimming beaches (kaisuiyokujo) in Japan have huts and shacks called UMI-NO-IE where you can have snacks, meals and drinks like ramen, rice dishes and beer as well as allowing you to leave luggage, change clothes, take a shower and rest in the shade. Usually, these “seaside houses” rent and/or sell floats and beach parasols, and some even turn into night bars.

Here are some swimming beaches located within day-trip distance from Tokyo.

the term when visitors are allowed to swim / term when lifeguards are on guard
brief location
access through public transportation
whether there is public parking space/lot or not (paid)
whether there are public bathrooms or not
(pay/ free) showers
*when noted "-" it means there are no independent shower facilities, and there can still be showers attached to the umi-no-ie
Seaside Houses
whether there are seaside houses or not
Kanagawa Shonan Area
Katase Nishihama / Higashihama Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
Being Japan’s most famous swimming beach, the number of people coming for vacation is inordinate and the water is by all means not the best in quality. Even then, the beach is packed with innumerous seaside houses and people from end to end, so while it is not such a great place to relax and enjoy water splashing, it may still be the place to have a taste of the seasonal Japanese beach atmosphere. The long beach is separated into Nishihama (west) and Higashihama (east) by a sea dyke and are both flashily colored with beach parasols and bikinis/swimming suits in the latest fashion.  


[Term]   July 1st through August 31st
[Location]   Katase Kaigan, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Access]   2-min-walk from Katase-Enoshima Station: Odakyu Enoshima Line
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES

Chigasaki Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
If Katase is a beach more for sunbathing and splash about, Chigasaki is a place for those who want to enjoy marine sports like surfing and fishing. It is unknown whether it is because of the existence of the match-making monument, Southern Beach Chigasaki invites quite a number of couples and groups of youths. Although the peak season is of course summer during June to August, many surfers come to Chigasaki throughout the year as Chigasaki is the origin that spread surfing across the country. 


[Term] Late June through Late August
[Location] Naka Kaigan, Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Access] From JR Tokaido Line Chigasaki Station south exit either take bus bound for “Hamamidaira-Danchi (Nishihama)” and get off at “Kaisuiyokujo-mae” OR walk for 20 minutes.
[Parking] YES
[Shower]   YES
[Seaside Houses] YES


Yuigahama Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
Located very close from Kamakura Station, Yuigahama Beach is a perfect place for those tourists who like to have a historical walk and enjoy the beach on the same day. Dozens of seaside houses line along national route 134, but the biggest characteristic about Yuigahama is probably the sand beach so vast and long making the shoreline seem far away. For they rent parasols and play sets at the seaside houses, you can spend a nice and slow time at the beach without having to have to bring things with you. 


[Term]   June 1st to August 31st
[Location]   Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
[Access]   15-min-walk from Kamakura Station: JR Tokaido Line
short walk from Yuigahama Station: Enoshima Dentetsu
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES

Chiba Boso Area
Moriya Kaisui Yokujo  

What’s it like?
Moriya Beach is selected as one of the one hundred great swimming beaches of Japan for its remarkable grades in “beauty” “cleanliness” “relaxation” “comfort” and “richness”. The water is unusually clear for a popular swimming beach, and also because the beach forms a cove the water is calm and quiet. While the spot is one of the best swimming beaches in Japan, it is one of Japan’s one hundred best natural beaches as well, known for the varied land formation and beautiful landscape including the small island off shore with the red Shinto gate. 


[Term]   July 15th to August 20th
[Location]   Moriya, Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture
[Access]   8-min-walk from Kazusa Okitsu Station: JR Sotobo Line
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] -
[Seaside Houses]   YES


Katakai Kaisui Yokujo  

What’s it like?
This long beach stretches out for more than a kilometer in length and 200 meters from beach to water, and is the largest-scale beach in Chiba located in about the middle of Kujukurihama. In less than two months during summer more than 500,000 people visit to splash in the water and soak in the sun. A good beach for families and groups.


[Term]   Early July through August 31st
[Location]   Katakai, Kujukuri Town, Sambu Country, Chiba Prefecture
[Access]   From JR Togane Line Togane Station, take Kujukuri Tetsudo Katakai Line Bus to Nishinoshita, walk 5 minutes
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] -
[Seaside Houses]   YES


Shirasato Chuo Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
On the beach with bright and fine sand form lines of seaside houses and herds of beach parasols pumping up even more the summer beach mood. It is also a nice place to enjoy marine sports, so coming in groups of friends and families for sport activities is a great idea just as much as coming to quietly bathe in the sun. Since the beach faces out towards the Pacific Ocean the waterfront is always a popular place for surfers to catch great waves. 


[Term]   July 14th to August 20th
[Location]   4881-1 Minami Imaizumi, Oami Shirasato Town, Sambu County, Chiba Prefecture
[Access]   From JR Sotobo Line Oami Station take bus for 30 minutes, get off at “Shirasato Kaigan” and walk 5 minutes
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES



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