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A lot of the swimming beaches (kaisuiyokujo) in Japan have huts and shacks called UMI-NO-IE where you can have snacks, meals and drinks like ramen, rice dishes and beer as well as allowing you to leave luggage, change clothes, take a shower and rest in the shade. Usually, these “seaside houses” rent and/or sell floats and beach parasols, and some even turn into night bars.

Here are some major beaches in the Kansai Region.

the term when visitors are allowed to swim / term when lifeguards are on guard
brief location
access through public transportation
whether there is public parking space/lot or not (paid)
whether there are public bathrooms or not
(pay/ free) showers
*when noted "-" it means there are no independent shower facilities, and there can still be showers attached to the umi-no-ie
Seaside Houses
whether there are seaside houses or not
Suma Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
The most popular beach representative of Kansai, Suma Kaisui Yokujo boasts its 2-kilometer-long sandy shoreline and more than one million visitors each year. Along the beach stand a variety of southern paradise-looking seaside houses as well as shops and eat-outs run by active fishermen counting up to as more than twenty all together. On top of this beach which has now become the seasonal specialty of Suma area, there are other leisure & recreation facilities located neraby including an aquarium, sea fishing park and Sumaura Park. 


[Term]   July 6th – August 20th
[Location]   Sumaura-dori to Wakamiyacho neighborhood, Suma-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
[Access]   3-min-walk from JR Suma Station
3-min-walk from Sanyo Suma Station: Sanyo Dentetsu
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES

Azur Maiko Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
A beautiful artificial beach modeled after Cote d’Azur of southern France. Rather small in size with only an 800-meter stretch of sand, the view from the beach is nonetheless outstanding looking out across Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Awajishima Island, not to mention the illumination in the evening. Located on the shore of Setouchi facing the inner sea where the current is fast, the spot is known to be a perfect place to splash in clear water. On top of the beach, the area contains a seaside park with recently refurbished accommodation facilities assuring visitors a comfortable and enjoyable stay. 


[Term] July 6th – August 20th
[Location] Kaigan-dori, Tarumi-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
[Access] 7-min-walk from JR Maiko Station
[Parking] YES
[Shower]   YES
[Seaside Houses] YES


Nishikinohama Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
On top of the one-hour easy access condition from central Osaka, the provision of great spot for marine sports such as wind surfing and jet skiing have quickly made Nishikinohama the most popular summer outdoor leisure place in the Kansai region. It may also be a good spot for guys to check out girls, since many come by just to soak up the sun. Although the beach is herded with hundreds of youngsters, it is also a perfect spot for families to have fun. The resthouse with its landmark mast can be used by anyone who wants to take a rest, and the monkey bars and tarzan ropes give kids a fabulous time. After taking in the summer sunshine, heat and salt water, you can go into the outlet Costamall Nishikinohama for cool air, food and shopping.. 


[Term]   July 1st through August 31st
[Location]   Nishikinohama Park, Sawa, Kaizuka City, Osaka Prefecture
[Access]   10-min-walk from Nishikinohama Station: Nankai Honsen Line
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES

Shirarahama Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
The beautiful landscape of palm-fringed beach and amazingly clear water of the largest beach in Nanki Shirahama resembling its sister-beach Waikiki Beach in Hawaii is included in one of the 88 beautiful beaches in Japan and 600,000 people come to appreciate the beauty and breeze each year. Together with the beach, the hot spring facility where you can bathe in your swimming suit for only one hundred yen makes the area an even more popular spot. 


[Term]   July 1st – September 3rd
[Location]   864 Shirahamacho, Wakayama Prefecture
[Access]   From JR Shirahama Station take Meiko Bus bound for <Shinyuzaki> for about 20 minutes and get off at <Shirarahama> bus stop, walk one minute.
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES


Goza Shirahama Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
Goza Shirahama Beach is located on the tip of Shima Peninsula where the rias coastline of Ago Bay and the Pacific Ocean meet. The view spreading out from the inner sea towards the outer, merging with the vast sky creating a sight of shades of blue is just outstanding. With the shallow beach and calm water, the beach with the atmosphere of the southern paradises has become the best and most popular summer spot in the prefecture. Along with the opening of the wide coastal route opened this summer, the beach is now easier to access by car and by bus.


[Term]   July 1st to September 4th
[Location]   Goza, Shimacho, Shima City, Mie Prefecture
[Access]   From Kintetsu Kashikojima Station take liner bound for <Goza> for about 25 minutes, get off at <Goza-koh> and walk 10 minutes; OR
From Kintetsu Ugata Station take Mie Kotsu Bus bound for <Goza> for 50 minutes and get off at <Shirahamaguchi>, walk one minute.
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES


Amanohashidate Kaisui Yokujo

What’s it like?
This swimming beach is located on the eastern side of one of Japan’t Three Best Landscapes Amanohashidate and faces the Sea of Japan. The highlight of this beach is most of all the contrast between white sand stretching out for 2 kilometers with about 8,000 pine trees and the marine blue water, and the fact that you can swim with all that in your sight at once. Closely located is the Amanohashidate Hot Springs famous for its good effect for your skin, where you can rest your tired body from swimming or soothe your hot skin from the sun. Wind surfing and yachts are allowed outside of the swimming zone, and there is also an auto campground nearby. 


[Term]   July 1st to August 31st
[Location]   Monju, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture
[Access]   5-min-walk from Amanohashidate Station: Kita-Kinki Tango Tetsudo
[Parking]   YES
[WC]   YES
[Shower] YES
[Seaside Houses]   YES



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