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Kanagawa Prefecture
Upcoming Events February to March
1/27-3/18 Yugawara Plum Blossom Festival
The plum woods spreading out on the mild slope of the mountainside of 626-meter-tall Makuyama Mountain shows a subtle and profound spring scene of gradations of pink...
Sakura Spots April
■Odawara Joshi Park | Odawara City
Odawara City is located at the entrance to Hakone and has developed as a post town. The castle tower of Odawara Castle is rebuilt on the small hill looking out over the city, and in front of it grow 1,000 Someiyoshino trees. The bronze gate is also reconstructed and there is a museum where you can study the history of Odawara. >> more
Foliage Spots November - December
Kewaizaka | Kamakura City
You simply cannot miss Kewaizaka if you want to enjoy the autumn beauty of Kamakura. It’s located on the way from Zeniarai Benten to Genjiyama Park, and has a 50-meter-chain of red Japanese maple leaves, but is also a wild area with rough rocks showing their surfaces. There are several historical legends telling stories about this “slope”...    >> Tsuruoka Hachimangu    >> Zuisenji
Hot Springs All year round
Hakone 17 Springs | Hakone Town
About 25,000 tons of hot spring wells up from the 17 springs in all of the Hakone Mountains making Hakone area the 5th largest hot spring area (in amount of discharge) in the country. The quality and health effects vary to nearly 20 kinds extracted from different stratums which its depth is equivalent to... >> more
Prefectural Guide


Yokohama is one of the first cities in Japan that has come in touch with and taken in foreign cultures (mainly western and Chinese). With new entertainment spots opening up here and there, the city is yet full of exotic atmosphere with historical architectures and old-fashioned western-style mansions, and is a fascinating place where the past and future wonderfully blend in. You won’t bore yourself out in this city: you can always go shopping and eat out in Minato Mirai 21 and China Town, go out on the twilight cruise on the bay water, and many more activities await you promising great excitement.

Kamakura has a history of being the center of Japan for more than 800 years, and currently is a city where nature and many historical heritages including the Buddha statue and Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine are preserved. Nearly 2,000 tourists visit Kamakura to enjoy the seasonal expressions of this ancient city. A number of parks of various sizes scatter around the city and serve as relaxation spots for local people. There are many places in which you can enjoy eating out and shopping.

>> Photo: Kamakura Autumn Leaves


This area is widely known among Japanese people as the place sung in many songs of Southern All Stars, a nationwide popular music band. Beaches such as Southern Beach Chigasaki and Tsujido Beach have become the Mecca of all kinds of marine sports and there are also places which create a romantic mood for couples. With the easy and fast access from central Tokyo, Shonan attracts many visitors all year round.

hakone mountains


Hakone has now become famous not only within Japan but also worldwide. It is a hot-spring resort only an hour away from central Tokyo. This resort also known as “Hakone 17 hot springs” has drawn many novelists from the old days and continues to attract many people for an easy day trip to the noted hot springs. Each bath spot/ house and its water has different kinds of elements (mineral) and effects as well as distinctive leisure spots and special dishes. The driving course running through the rich nature of Hakone Mountains and Lake Ashinoko, the Hakone Open-Air Museum and other cultural places assure you a pleasant time in the area. Many traditional hot spring hotels concentrate along the Hakone Tozan Railway, which is known by the name of “hydrangea train”.


The whole of this former castle-town is now like a huge museum with numerous historical and cultural spots including Joshi Park (Joshi Koen), Odawara Castle Historical Musuem (Odawarajo Rekishi Kembunkan) and Odawara Literature Museum. Because the city has a station which a bullet train stops, accessing and enjoying this historical city is very easy. For a souvenir from Odawara, get the paper lantern also used for the summer festival.

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