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Kagoshima Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

Iso Garden | Kagoshima City

Iso Garden, also known as Sengen-en, has been made by Shimazu Domain Lord Shimazu Mitsuhisa. The garden is made with fine design and has a refined taste, using Kinko Bay to resemble the pond and Sakurajima Island as the miniature mountain of the garden. The architecture inside the garden is also very beautiful. In spring, the cherry blossoms create a marvelous view blending in with Kinko Bay and Sakurajima.

■Tadamoto Park | Oguchi City
Tadamoto Park is located in the center of the city and includes the shrine which enshrines the castle lord of Oguchi Castle. Local residents have commonly called the park as "Sakura no Tadamoto" (Tadamoto of cherry blossoms) since the Meiji Period, however the cherry trees had been cut down during the War. After the war was over, people started to plant trees again and the cherry wood has now revived with 1,000 trees stretching as long as 2 km. The blossoms have another refined touch when they're lit up with paper lantern light at night.

Prefectural Guide

Kagoshima City

Kagoshima City is an international tourist city with the magnificent Kinkowan Bay and one of the world’s prominent active volcanoes Sakurajima.
You can also easily enjoy bathing in a hot spring.
To tour around the city, the retro looking sightseeing bus Kagoshima City View is convenient to use. There are several hot spring facilities around the city.


Ibusuki area
The highlight of Ibusuki, the international tourist hot spring recreation city, is definitely Japan’s one and only natural sand steam hot spring.
The sight of visitors getting buried in the steaming hot sand has become the trademark of Ibusuki, and gives us a taste of Ibusuki.
With many kinds of subtropical plants and hibiscus blooming, this city gives you a wonderful time to experience the atmosphere of a southern country.

Kirishima area

The abundant flow of Sendaigawa river, Kurinodake the western side of the Kirishima Mountains, the vivid and beautiful flowers of the four seasons, the crystal clear spring water of Maruike Yusui, hot springs…
Yusuicho is full of beautiful and kind wilderness.
It is also a town of rich culture with places such as Kirishima Open Air Museum.


Tanegashima / Yakushima

Being the first place in Japan to come in contact with fire guns, and also having the rocket launcher on the island, Tanegashima has always led Japan to the future.
On this island, you can take pleasure in visiting one of the island’s last blacksmiths shop, experiencing Tanegashima pottery, marine sports such as scuba diving and surfing as well as to taste Tanegashima’s local products such as diverse kinds of marine products and shōchū (alcohol).

Yakushima is worldly famous for the gigantic, thousands of years old Yaku Cedar trees and many other plants as well as the mountains, cliffs and gorges.
The natural resources this island holds in certainly worth receiving good reputation from around the world.
When you enter the woods, the moth carpet grown with rich water will welcome you making you feel the strength of life and sacred atmosphere.

The photograph is Yakushima Island of World Heritage.

The Amami Islands

The Amami Islands are consisted of many islands including Yoronto, the island with another name of “Pearl of the East.”
Among the islands, Amami Oshima is the central island of all with 8 manned islands.
The geography of the island is generally sophisticated, and especially in the southern part stretches the area of deep mountains.
It can be said, though, that the deepness of the mountains tells you how much the nature is untouched and preserved in its original state.

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