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1. Meiji Jingu
2. Harajuku Station
3. Takeshita-Dori
4. Laforet Harajuku
5. NHK
6. Omotesando
1. Meiji Jingu
Meiji Shrine was founded in 1920 honoring the Meiji Emperor and Emperor Dowager Akinori. It is famous as one of the most prestigious Shinto shrines in the country and boasts the largest number of worshippers/visitors on New Year’s Day for 24 years straight. The Shrine Pavilions are located in the middle of the solemn and quiet woods built of more than 100,000 trees that have been donated and maintained by citizens.
2. Harajuku Station
As compared to other stations around Tokyo, Harajuku Station has a peculiar appearance which is like a house in one way with a mixed style of Eastern and Western architecture. The loved station succeeds to maintain its elegance and dignity for years without becoming rusty or outdated, and continues to serve as the entrance to the town of fashionistas.
3. Takeshita Street
Harajuku is widely known as a fashion district that is as famous and popular as Shibuya among young people. It is not too much to call this 400-meter-long narrow street Takshita-Dori the central axis of such never-dying fashion heat, sides jammed with small shops of clothing (casual, punk, goth&lolita), character and idol goods, and street filled with teenagers. Aside from shopping your day out, you might want to try the various kinds of crepes sold in several stores along the street.

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4. Laforet Harajuku
Alongside of Takeshita Street, Laforet Harajuku has always been playing the leading role of the Harajuku fashion movement. Roughly 160 stores provide a variety of fashion-related items on 7 floors to meet the demands of teens keen on the latest mode.
5. The Ura-Harajuku and Cat Street
Takeshita Street and Laforet area are always crowded with youngsters in their teens, but the ones who are a tad more older head to the backside of Harajuku commonly known as Ura-Hara, spreading beyond Takeshita Street and behind the dazzling avenue of Omotesando. Many designers’ offices and boutiques line the back streets of Ura-Harajuku offering the cutting edge items for Ura-Hara fashion (click link below for details).

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6. Omotesando
This wide avenue connecting the Main Entrance of Meiji Jingu and Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station is Omotesando, and although it is known more as the shopping street for name brands (sometimes even referred to as the Champs-Elysees of Japan) this is the front approach to the dignified Shrine. A number of refined and stylish stores and cafes elegantly line the sides of the avenue, and the architectures are also to be given attention to. The new ones include the Prada Building and Omotesando Hills both in glass.

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