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1. Fuji Television
2. Palette Town
3. Museum of Maritime Science
4. Oedo Hot Spring
5. Rainbow Bridge
1. Fuji Television
Fuji Television is one of the nationwide broadcasting stations and has its headquarters in Odaiba. Although a broadcasting center, it invites people inside with a guided tour around the station as well as into the peculiar-looking sphere, which in fact is an observatory that gives you a good look across the Tokyo Bay area. The location of being right next to Aqua City Odaiba allows visitors easy access to the major shopping mall.
2. Palette town
The Palette town is easy to locate once you spot one of the largest Ferris wheel in the world. The Venus Fort shopping mall has many stylish clothes targeting women, and the theme park MEGAWEB with Toyota’s sponsorship attract many visitors.

>> Photo: Odaiba
3. Museum of Maritime Science
This museum exhibits the first Antarctic exploration ship, shipbuilding, marine transportations and traffic controls, and marine resources. You can explore the exhibitions and learn the culture of oceans and ships. The observatory is also popular among family visitors.
4. Oedo Onsen Monogatari (hot spring)
While you enjoy the history and culture of Edo (a former name of Tokyo), this theme park also provides a variety of bath from footbath, hot sand bath, all natural hot spring drawn from 1400m underground. This would be the best place to relax, relief, and re-energize your body and soul.
5. Rainbow Bridge
The beautiful night view from the rainbow bridge is one of the places you cannot miss.  There is also the smaller version of The Statue of Liberty which was sent as a gift from France. The evening boats where you can dine will add a color on the night sight of Tokyo Bay.
Spirited Away (2001)
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  • Yukio Mishima
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