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1. Asahi Beer
2. Kaminarimon
3. Nakamise
4. Sensoji
5. Hanayashiki
6. Rock-Broadway
7. Yakatabune
1. Asahi Beer Headquarter Building
As you step outside of Asakusa Station, you will find yourself gazing at the strange looking building that looks like jug full of beer and its head, as well as the odd golden round and pointy object next to the building. The former is the Asahi Beer Headquarter office building with 22 “beer” stories with the head roof, and the latter is the Super Dry Hall, both now parts of the Sumida landmarks.
2. Kaminari-mon
This gigantic red paper lantern with the “kaminari-mon” (thunder gate) symbols is probably the most famous landmark of Asakusa, probably more widely known or referred to than its master Sensoji Temple despite being only the entrance to the it. As you go under the gate and proceed further down the Nakamise (see below) you will come to Sensoji Temple (see also below) and Asakusa Shrine right next to each other. The two statues on the sides of the Kaminarimon lantern are the gods of wind and thunder, respectively.
3. Nakamise-street
The 300-meter-long approach from Kaminarimon to Hozomon is one of the traditional shopping streets in Asakusa area called Nakamise, bustling with a number of small yet long standing shops of all kinds. Japanese souvenirs, dolls, Asakusa sweets, tiny replicas of the Kaminarimon (lantern), clothing, accessories and many other goods vividly color the storefronts where vendors and shoppers bustle constantly bustle around.
Recommended spot for traditional souvenir shopping in Tokyo.

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4. Sensoji
Believed to have been built in 628, Sensoji Temple is known as the oldest temple in Tokyo and one of the oldest in Japan. A five-layered pagoda stands on the fairly wide and flat precinct with a lot of pigeons as well as traditional stalls. It is a good site to experience the old Japanese atmosphere in this city of constant development and high technology.
5. Hanayashiki
Albeit its very limited space, Hanayashiki contains 23 rides and attractions including the country’s oldest roller coaster tightly threading through narrow spaces between other features. Another spot in Tokyo where you can scream and relax at the same time in Shitamachi Tokyo.
6. Rock-Broadway
Although it got its name after the real Broadway in New York, this Broadway is quite different and has a uniquely Japanese style. It is the place to come for traditional Japanese comedy shows called “rakugo” and other mass entertainment. At the Asakusa Engei Hall you can enjoy watching popular drama which often are performed without scripts.
7. Yakatabune
Yakatabune is a kind of riverboat with roof and sliding doors (panels) or bamboo blinds in which people enjoyed having luxurious evenings with dinner, music and entertainment back in the Edo Period. Although the tradition has waned to some extent, many people enjoy dinner on the boat today the same way people did back then. It is a very popular attraction when the Sumida Fireworks Display is held in the summer.
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