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Ishikawa Prefecture
Sakura Spots April

■Noto Kashima Station | Anamizu Town

For the excellent view of cherry blossoms, Noto Kashima Station is a very popular spot among train lovers. Centering around the station, rows of cherry trees stretch out along the railway on both sides and form a magnificent tunnel of rich pink.

■Kenrokuen | Kanazawa City
As well as being one of the three most beautiful gardens of Japan, Kenrokuen is also counted as one of the 100 best cherry blossoms of Japan. The garden retains the strolling-style landscape garden characteristic to Edo gardens, and has around 420 cherry trees including kinds unique to this region. You can also enjoy night blossoms, and on crowded days more than 20,000 people visit the garden.

Prefectural Guide


Kanazawa has developed as a castle town from the old days, and is now a city of distinctive culture.
The scenery of Kenrokuen, one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and Kanazawa Castle Park (Kanazawajo Koen) is so beautiful that it may be regarded as the highlight of the city.
Warm hospitality and pretty townscape, dishes of fresh seafood are the beauty of Kanazawa alongside of traditional crafts and performing arts such as Kaga Yuzen (a kind of dye), Japan Kutani (ceramics), Kanazawa shikki (lacquer ware) and Kanazawahaku (gilt art).


Noto Peninsula is a resort area where a range of outdoor sports, marine sports, hot springs, aquariums and museums may be enjoyed. Traditional handicrafts such as Wajimanuri are also famous. With the increased accessibility in consequence of the opening of Noto Airport in 2003, Noto is now an even more popular place of visit.



The hot spring resort here has a long history and you can spend a quiet and relaxing time bathing in the pleasant water.
Here too, has an amusement park “Kaga Hyakumangoku Jidai-mura” which revives the days of the samurai and introduces you to the history with fun and excitement. Kaga is also a renowned city of beautiful autumn leaves and snow scenery.



Komatsu is a city surrounded by the magnificent nature of Japan Sea on one side and Mount Hakusan on the other. In May, the annual children’s kabuki is performed and you can still feel the old air and culture of lay people in this city.


Monzen Town

Monzen Town has developed with a long history and the rich nature looking out over the Japan Sea. As the name tells, it is a gate town to head temple Soujiji Souin. The spirit of the temple gate town and the energy of the port town that prospered during Edo and Meiji are still remembered.
As you watch the boats sail off coast with the ocean breeze gently stroking you, you may be able to feel the “Japanese spirit” that many Japanese people today have forgotten and the air you will never feel in the busy life in the cities.


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