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Winter Illumination 2006
Christmas and Seasonal Illumination in Major Cities
- Yokohama -
Various landmarks of Yokohama all have brilliant winter illumination lighting up the whole of the port city as if turning it into one big luminous Christmas ornament seen from air. Below are only parts of the glowing city. Take a little trip to the city and you’ll be guaranteed of winter-excitement and romantic atmosphere created by the dark sky, various colors of light and the skyscrapers and port water gleaming in its reflection.
Landmark Plaza | Bayside Outlet | Minato Mirai 21

The magnificent Swalovski Crystal Christmas Tree is back to Landmark Plaza with more brilliance. The tree this year is 8 meters tall and is dressed in about 10,000 crystal ornaments of snowflakes. Among the crystal ornaments of various shapes, which have increased by 8,000 in numbers as compared to last year, there is just one that is shaped in a heart. Surely the tree is a marvel to view from a distance, yet looking at it from right beneath has another attraction.
[Dates] November 10th (Fri) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 7:00 – 23:00
[Place] Landmark Plaza 1st Floor Garden Square
[Access] 3-min-wak from Minato Mirai Station: Minato Mirai Line
[Website] http://www.yokohama-landmark.jp/event/details/xmas06.html
(The Landmark Tower Official Website Event Information, Japanese)
(The Landmark Tower Official Website, English Top)

To spend an unforgettable Christmas, head to Yokohama Bayside Marina Shops & Restaurants. Hundreds of Christmas limited goods fill every shop and restaurant, including special holiday offers only an outlet mall can provide. A tree larger than last year and snow dancing in the air will welcome the visitors for a memorable night.
[Dates] November 17th (Fri) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 16:00 – 23:00
[Place] Yokohama Bayside Marina Shops & Restaurants
[Access] 5-min-walk from Torihama Station: Seaside Line
[Website] http://www.bayside-outlet.com/index.html
(Bayside Outlet Official Website, JPN /ENG / KOR / CHN)
TOWERS Milight
– Minato Mirai All Office Buildings Light Up –
Minato Mirai 21 (MM21) offers numbers of Christmas light spectacles during the holiday season including the light-up of all office buildings in the waterfront area, street illuminations, Christmas Treed, Candle Light and so on. Among all, the most special and unique to MM21 is probably the light up of the office buildings, which celebrates the 10th anniversary this winter. The sight is gorgeous enough seen through photographs, but the true beauty can only be appreciated by looking at the real nightscape.
[Dates] December 23rd (Sat&Hol) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 16:15 – 21:30
[Place] Minato Mirai 21 district (12 office buildings and Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center)
[Access] Minato Mirai Station: Minato Mirai Line
[URL]   http://www.minatomirai21.com/index.html
(Minato Mirai 21 Official Website, Japanese / English)
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